Maze make head hurt!

Andrew_Baker All right, so I've mostly mastered Sonneveld's maze code and made it my beast, but I can't start voodoo girl in the right segment of the maze.  She needs to enter from the bottom (She goes into a cave on top of the screen into the maze), and so I tried starting her off in cel 35.  I set the index variable (which indicates which cel the ego is currently in) to 35, but when I go into the maze, it sure isn't  cel 35 I'm looking at.  Sure enough, though, if I "show var" the index, it's 35.  Also, if I solve the maze and make it to the actual cel 35, and leave the maze back to  outside the cave, and then re-enter the cave, it shows cel 35 like it's supposed to.  My question to Nick, AGISCI, ANYONE!!! is how to set it up so that when I first enter the maze, it takes me to the proper cel.

Chris, I understand you're using the maze code in V...  any similar problems?

Anyway, the big secret is to call the maze data logic in the screen prior to the entrance of the maze so that the maze data is initialized before entering.  Simple enough.  Now I really feel like an idiot.  But I feel like an idiot with a functioning maze that only takes two logics, one pic, and two views.
sonneveld When I get my arse in gear, there'll be more docs in the full package, believe me :)

- Nick
AGI1122 Glad to see you got it to work. The only problem I ever had with the maze is when I altered it to use objects instead of, well for some reason the ego would get positioned in the wrong place every time he went down a screen in the maze. I am not sure if it was a bug in NAGI or not because I didn't test it with the original interpreter. But it works well now that I changed it back to
Joker Hey, Nick! What's with this "maze-code" people are talking about!?! Is it a game or something? ???
AGI1122 Have a look at this link to see what the maze thing is about.