Work has begun! (Help still needed)

Superman I'm pleased to announce I've found time to begin preliminary work on my Superman: The Man of Steel (working title) game. Character sprites are in the middle of being created by myself, as well as the plot writing. I still need some team members to help with some of the logic, and to DEFINITELY help with backgrounds. Backgrounds just give me trouble, as well as some of the logic. So if you want to help or just talk with me about comics, send a mail titled "Krypton Is Doomed" to Thanks.

GAME INFO (so far):
NAME: Superman: The Man of Steel (working title)
DATE BEGUN: Feburary 1, 2003 (Superman sprite only); March 13, 2003 (Fully focused)
POTENTIAL PLOT OUTLINE: On a distant planet known as Krypton, beings similar to human beings live. These "Kryptonians" are far more advanced than we as a race are. But this peaceful planet is doomed: its core, made of uranium, has been heated for billions of years by Krypton's sun, Rao, causing it to change molecularly into what will one day be kryptonite. Jor-El, head of Krypton's Science Council, knows of this and tries to warn his fellow council members, but they believe him to be mad (Now, at some point in the game, most likely the beginning, I might have the player play as Jor-El). He rushes home to his wife and infant son, Lara and Kal-El, just as the planet's demise begins. With only one spacecraft built, and only big enough for the baby, Jor-El and Lara launch their son into space, towards the planet Earth. The ship crashes in the northern field of the Kent Farm, located in Smallville, Kansas. Jonathan and Martha Kent, the two farmers who find the child, adopt him and name him Clark. Clark begins to notice he's different from other kids around puberty (I might also include Clark as a teen; this might be an origin story). At age 18, he travels the world, learning many things, and finally settles in the city of Metropolis. There, he establishes himself as the superhero Superman, and also as Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet, one of the world's top newspapers. You all know the story.
TYPE OF PLAY: Superpowers will be inventory items, which Clark would "pick up" (learn) as a teen if I decide to go with that idea. In Police Quest 1, players were randomly told of crimes while driving around, and I might use that as Clark's super-hearing. Type "change clothes" while Clark / Superman is hidden from view, and they'll change from one sprite to the other. As Clark, the players will only have certain superpowers in their inventory (he's supposed to be human, so he acts like it), but as Supes, they'll have it all.
BUT SUPERMAN CAN'T DIE!: I have that covered like GREEN on a lizard (hint, hint).

- Rob!
SGreenslade And again, will the other characters in the game be too moronic to see the similarities between Clark Kent and Superman? At least they'd have an excuse in agi, they can't go against their programming.
Eero R Resolution is also too low to see any differences... ;D
Superman When Clark is in his Superman outfit, he slightly vibrates his head to contort his facial features, which is why nobody can see the similarities since their faces are "different".
turkeys for sale The following statement is one reason why Superman will always be less of a cool menacing superhero and more like the cheesy avenger:

he slightly vibrates his head to contort his facial features

??? :o

SGreenslade slightly vibrates his head? what, like a bobble-head? if so, then turkeys for sale's statement makes sense...
Superman No, I mean what like the Flash does. He vibrates the molecules of his head slightly back and forth so his facial features are different from Clark's.
Kon-Tiki Wouldn't he look like a pan of bacon then?

rwfromxenon Scrambled eggs perhaps?
A full English breakfast!

SGreenslade Forget what he looks like, isn't that painful??? Even superman has to feel that...
Yarggg! Can't --gasp-- fight Lex Luthor --gasp-- face is --yargg-- jiggling too much!

--Superman: The Man of Steel issue #239
Wilco23 BWAHAHAHAH Don't worry about them Superman, they're just having fun ;)