TechTV episode uploaded!

rwfromxenon You can see the entire thing here!
Click here to see it!
Eero R You can download 165 Kbit/s version from here:
Just download, take off that .tmp and enjoy!
Another fine EeroRip release! ;D
Robert Eric I lift weights too. How much can you currently bench?

I will have a surprise for you in a week or two, Brian.
smartguy240 who is this aaron character?
Robert Eric Aaronix, I believe.
Robert Eric wrote:

I lift weights too. How much can you currently bench?

I will have a surprise for you in a week or two, Brian.

I'm not a plain weight lifter, but a bodybuilder. I'm not concerned with how much I bench, but rather the size, shape and definition I can create. I generally do 6-8 rep sets for mass training, and 8-15 rep sets for shape/definition training. I rarely go for one rep maximums, since it's very stressful on joints and can create injury. When people talk about benching, they must mean pure barbells as well, because machines, even smith machines help do the work for you, so they don't count. You need to base your training off freeweights for mass, otherwise, your minor muscle groups will be forgotten because the machines replace them, and you will build other areas out of propotion, causing the smaller ones to become inactive.

I also target every muscle group, from every angle possible for optimum symmetry, so I consider my bench a small part of my training. The bench is primarily lower pec and tricep (unless your do alternate angles). I do bench a lot, but I do other routines a lot as well. Too much benching will overdevelop your lower pecs and not build your upper pecs. Many people don't have any upper pectoral development at all, yet massive lower pecs. That will spell disaster if you plan on competing. Also, many people who focus on bench too much will build their triceps, but have weak biceps. For a perfect bodybuilding physique, you need bulging biceps with sharp peaks.

Anyways, I am incredibly strong, with 15 1/2" pipes at 5'6, when the pros at about 6'0-6'2 have about 19-21". That's really not much of a difference. Also, I stay lean, so there's no fat around my arms to add size. It's pure muscle. Also, your abdominals will not be visible in relaxed form unless you have a bodyfat level of about 10% or less, so that's another reason I stay lean.

I can't wait for the suprise! I'll have a suprise for everyone too by then--the decompiler!
Patrik Ok, since we got a little off topic I'll just add a little comment. Guys, NO prejudices but I've always been interested WHY people put so much energy and effort into building their bodies. Of course, fitness and health. But since I started studying psychology I've thought a lot about how people in "our" society have become almost "health-narcotics". Don't mean to accuse anybody of being one, I'm just curious because I can't understand it. How much do you value the "looks" of it? I guess it's quite a big deal when it comes to bodybuilding, and that is also quite an interesting part since I'm not too amused by how our society values faces and bodies more than personalities. Sorry for posting this, it's completely off topic. Just felt like dropping it, and once again I DON'T mean to insult anybody. I'm just curious.
Brian_Provinciano Well, of course, like most guys, I began my bodybuilding and fitness to try and catch the eye of chicks. However, in time, after the constant dedication and results, I went more on the path of trying to see how well built, defined and symmetrical I could get my physique. I've been drawing as long as I can remember, and have always been somewhat of an artist. I love art, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. and consider bodybuilding a complete artform. I'm sculpting my physique, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger said when he was competing.
Patrik I see. I guess it takes a lot of time, how many hours is your day? I mean, you seem to work full time on Sci Studio, doing a BRILLIANT job. How do you find time to build your body? Are you planning to compete or HAVE you previously competed? Interesting point that you're interested in art, so am I. Perfection, however, is not my preference. Perfection is boring and predictable. Sorry, Brian I respect your taste. I won't post any more annoying off-topic comments.
Robert Eric If you mean a decompiler that decompiles script files to the original SCI language and not byte code, then my surprise to you may help you greatly.
Robert Eric Sorry about the confusion Brian. I only bench press with bar bells and dumbells, so I have limited knowledge of bodybuilding.
df niec stuff brian :)

df, getting his head around the accent :) heheh, those guys, it seems stronger to me than when you hear normal american tv!

cool stuff
Eero R I took episode down, I'll upload it again, when someone wants.
Brian_Provinciano I spend 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours a day training, usually around 2. I've worked out for as much as 5 hours in a day, but usually it's about 2. My weight training is rarely over 2 or 3 hours, the rest is cardio.

Yes, the decompiler converts scripts to highlevel code. I'd written some disassemblers before, and even one which decompiled into the correct script format just using inline (asm ...) blocks, but this is really high level! It's quite far along and works pretty well.

Finally, Please don't reupload the video to your site. People can see it off Even though there are ads, that's how TechTV makes money, and I love TechTV and don't want to lose it. I really also don't want to get on TechTV's bad side or anything, otherwise, I may have my chances to appear on there again ruined. So lets keep it legal, and just go to to watch the video.
Eero R Ok, I will not reupload it...
Pikachu14 I prefer to watch my media off-line so I thank Eero for allowing me to download the segment for offline viewing.

smartguy240 I sent the link to Al Lowe...waiting for a response!!! ;D
Omer Mor Wow wow wow!
Wait a minute!
A decompiler???
You can't do that... after explaining to people so many times that it can't be done you can't just ruin that for me! :o
OK, I'm kidding of course... this is great news! I guess the decompiler has a really sophisticated AI in it...
Can you give an estimate for a release date? and maybe a sample of a decompiled script?
Brian_Provinciano I was just constantly explaining that it was too much work, and I was better off putting all that time into the rest of SCI Studio ;) However, I've been accepting the workload and challenge. I can't give a release date, but it's coming along well. I'll release a sample script soon.
smartguy240 here is a copy paste from what Al said:

I enjoyed the SCI video and sent the link to Ken Williams. He'll like it, too.

;-D its great to be in contact with this guy...

Brian_Provinciano Yes, I've talked to Al Lowe, Scott Murphy, Cory Cole, and many of the other greats by email. They are all very nice people!
Wilco23 How about Roberta Williams? She's like my princess of adventure gaming! ;D