Have you seen this AGI site before?

Joey I found this site in the web ring a while ago.

smartguy240 seems to be zonkie's site
Kon-Tiki Yep, that's Zonk's site allright ;D Two things that can show you that. The first thing is the .de extention (Zonk lives in Germany -> Deutschland -> de). The second one is Nixelsoft, which is the name he works under.

Eero R And the games he's working on...
Zonkie Hi everybody,
yepp, that's the NixelSoft site. A classmate and me are the two "programmers" of this "company" ;D. That's basically all the people that are in the "company"... If you want to know why it is called NixelSoft, it explains it on the site ;D ;).

About the games: There is little progress at the moment, we are still trying to get a demo of Freddy I out... even less progress on Holden's Quest and Lunch Quest... :-\

The NixelSoft page finally found its fame... ;)
Oliver YAY! My page is among the links :P