AGI Developer Site

sonneveld Ok, I've finally got around to obtaining a domain name and setting up this new site I've been working on.. It's basically meant to be a storage of all the AGI tutorials and other development tools to help people create their own games.  Take into account the fact it's fairly new so there's bound to be a few bugs.  The design needs work too but it's functional.

AGI Development Site

If you need a site to host some information on your latest agi tools or tutorials, you could always email me the info and I can post it to the site.  I don't think I'd be able to let users to upload data by themselves yet..

Any comments would be cool.

- Nick
AGI1122 Wow that's pretty cool. Are you going to upload finished fanmade AGI games and things like that also?
sonneveld I think everybody else is doing a good job of that.  I just want this site to concern agi development.. so I'll upload tutorials and tools to make games.

- Nick
AGI1122 Lots of sites do already have fan games for download. I think I should start adding more tools to my site as well. I guess that is something to do for the next update.
sonneveld why not game reviews?  or walkthroughs.. that way each site would be different.

- Nick
AGI1122 I already have a tool page for AGI development, I was just thinking about adding some more.

Not a bad idea, I was thinking about doing both walkthrough's and UHS's for the games. Maybe I could do interviews or something as well.
Chad Goulding Nick - Wow! Thats a really good site. Nicely formatted pages with loads of useful information. Good job!

- though my opinions are probably biased since you did put a screenshot of my game on the homepage :)

sonneveld chad:

Hopefully I'll be able to keep on adding to it.  Thanks for the kind comments.  If I can use the site to drum up more interest for AGI, that would be great.  ie, if somebody asks how you make an agi game.. you could point them to instead of several sites.

Hows Time Quest going?  have you had time to work on it?  Would it be possible for you to add your game to the Crow's Nest game list?  I was going to fill in the gaps myself but I didn't want to associate myself with all the games.  Magic Poultry pointed this site out.

The Crow's NeSt

- Nick
Chad Goulding
Hows Time Quest going?  have you had time to work on it?

Thanks for asking  :)
I've been adding to it every now and then. At the moment, the next demo is about one third complete. Though, I still haven't fully designed the end of the demo (so thats slowing me down a bit).

Would it be possible for you to add your game to the Crow's Nest game list?

I'd be happy to but looking at the list of games on the site, aren't they all finished games? Do you know if partially completed games can be added?

sonneveld Both games and engines have been submitted without being completely finished.  Some don't even have a demo yet.

You've got a fairly lengthy demo and a website.. so I think you should right to add Time Quest to the list.  It would be great because it would add more exposure to AGI..

- Nick
AGI1122 Hey Nick the link up there says "The Crow's Next" shouldn't say Nest?
sonneveld umm...
sonneveld Thanks Chad!  It's very much appreciated!

- Nick
sonneveld I've updated the downloads page and fully stocked it up. The whole site should be more useful now

- Nick
sonneveld The community section is now up, links to the messageboard, irc, webrings and mailing lists are available.  The history of the msgboard is a bit shaky and I'd like more help with that.

Besides maybe some example games for the site.. I might start working on some other things now that the site is more useful.

- Nick
sonneveld ok, I've asked Ian Cumming, the server admin about the site being down on Sunday:

we are currently running the server on backup hardware, which isn't
actually terribly stable. The new parts for our _real_ server are
arriving this week, so the changeover will occur during the easter break
- in which case the stability problems should be fixed.

- Nick
sonneveld They should start fixing up the server around the end of next week.   Which is good.

A couple of questions:

1) Does anybody have any suggestions for things to add to the site?  Should I have a few example fan games to show people what's possible with agi?

Any ideas for tutorials?  utils?  links?

2) Advertising... the plan was to entice more people to agi.. should I start pluggin now or wait until we have a nice new logic syntax first?  Does the site have enough information to help people start creating their own games?

3) Has the server problems put people off? :)  They should be fixed soon.

4) comments?.. anything.. I'm interested. :)

- Nick
Robin_Gravel You could add ending screenshots from fan games like Uri Quest, F**k quest, Naturette, residence 44 quest, etc...

Robin Gravel
eidolon Yes, you could include a couple of games (along with your interpreter) so that visitors could easily try them and see what it
sonneveld Robin: I think ending screenshots would be suitable for the NAGI page.  Eventually I'll merge the NAGI and AGI Dev Sites together because of space on the NAGI site.. but it's fine at the moment.

Besides... the less recognition FQuest gets.. the better :)

Eidolon: I glad it's easy to navigate.  I also wanted it to look "kinda" good. :)

I'll add some choice games then when I get back home and start writing up a memory management guide.

- Nick
because of space on the NAGI site
Well if you would like I can donate some of my new server space for you to use and set up an ftp so you can upload to it. Don't worry I have plenty of space 200mb :)
sonneveld thanks.. I'm alright really..

I was talking about the space on my dingoblue server.. I've got plenty on the new one.. that's why I was going to merge them together.

- Nick
sonneveld Some new updates on the AGI dev site:

- News section to keep up with agi/site news
- Games section with some select games to give new people an idea of AGI.  All have downloads and site links.
- Updated Links
- Updated Downloads (NAGI comes with SDL now, AGI Studio 1.35)
- New WebRing page with more information on joining the Ring.


- Nick
sonneveld Hi!

I've finally got around to adding NAGI to the agidev site!  All pages that link to NAGI's old site will get redirected to the new one.  Nothing much has changed with NAGI's site contents except the new layout.

Which brings me to the new layout for agdev.  I haven't changed much, but I couldn't display links to all the pages on one screen without it looking messy so I split it up a bit.  If you have a look, you'll see what I mean.

I hope the new look is alright with everybody.  If something's broken.. please let me know.

- Nick
AGI1122 Nice job Nick, I like the new look better, with AOL the links would sometimes get cought behind the agidev picture unless I made the MDI child window full screened. I like the way it looks now much better.