Uploading Blues

06dude So I've got a new demo for my game, but I can't seem to upload the damn thing. I thought using Chris Cromer's site would be the best way, but I must not using the uploader correctly. After slapping the important (I think) files from the game into a zip file and trying to upload it on to his site, it comes up with a blank page that says nothing and doesn't seem right.

I've tried lots of different ways, but no cigar. Is there a better way of making the game available online? Any help would be great.

AGI1122 Why didn't you contact me about this... do you think I magically know it doesn't work or something. ::)

Anyway, could you tell me what went wrong, and any info on what happened?
AGI1122 Nevermind, I found the problem and it is fixed, you should be able to upload games now.

Please people, you have to tell me if something doesn't work, other wise I won't know to fix it.
06dude Sorry for not notifying you sooner, but for a while I just assumed that I was doing something wrong. (I'm not very good with this AGI stuff yet) But thanks for fixing it. I'll try uploading ASAP.