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df what games are currently in development?

Oliver I have a game Murder Quest in AGS (demo will be out soon). Also !GOING! to make a game called !FUTURAMA! in AGI. But no AGI games in !DEVELOPMENT! at the moment :-\
06dude "06 Dude VS. The Super Nazi" It's been my project for weeks. Due date: March 9th, 2009. (I'm realistic) ;D
rwfromxenon Working on a game called "Wizaro".
It's set in a world of magic and fantasy.
Your wizard teacher has been kidnapped by gargoyles from the mystical mountains of the North and you must learn new spells, fight hideous monsters (Yeah, with my "skill" they would be ;)) and meet lots of people in 13 different towns.

Demo 1 Due:
[color=Yellow]June 3rd 2003[/color]
(I'm more realistic)
Eero R AGI: contest game.
Others: project, for what I haven't thought a name yet.
Kon-Tiki Little Pirate It's on one BIIIIIIG hold.
Ninja Forever Demo'll be released somewhere this month or next month.
Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh! Decided to put another part to it. It's just too fun to work on that game to leave it as short as it is. It'll be finished when the next part's done. Maybe there'll be more parts added, but the game'll be finishable after each addition.

Oliver So Eero's taking part of the contest too.... .
Maybe I'm out of it I'm not sure yet. Don't know if there is a point of it when there's no prize or something....... :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\
Zonkie NixelSoft is currently working on three projects:
+ Freddy I which is the most progressing one (a demo should have been out a few months ago, but we're getting there... ::))
+ Holden's Quest, which is based on the story of "The Catcher in the Rye" by J. D. Salinger
+ a small game called Lunch Quest.

Unfortunately there is only little progress at the moment, the current status can be seen [spam] on our great webpage or at the Forum [/spam] ;D.
Eigen Looks like my game Band Quest creation is over since it's lost. Does anyone have a demo with the band practice in the end. I'd appreciate it if you would send it to me!! Then I can continue.

Xqzzy Rcxmcq Deadline:Search for a Killer

(I hope) Release Date
May-June 2003

Possible Demo:
next month
Joker We're working on a game, taht's called (working title):
Arctic Mission.

It'll be finished soon..! ;D ;D

Kon-Tiki> Maak nou eerst 1 spel af voor je aan de volgende begint! Little Pirate leek mij veelbelovend!! ;)
Kon-Tiki De tekeningen van Little Pirate vind'k nergens meer op lijken. Als Ninja Forever gedaan is (of ondertussen) kan'k eerst Little Pirate eens afwerken en daarna de achtergronden hertekenen. Heb daar op de moment echter niet veel zin in, heb meer motivatie om aan Ninja Forever te werken (welk trouwens veelbelovender is dan LP;)).

smartguy240 Welk soort dialect dit is...ik schuin zelfs begin af om dit te vertalen!
rwfromxenon Ik denk het Nederlands is ;)
U kunt vinden een vertaler bij hier
jelleghys It's NOT doing a fine job!
But you're going off topic...

I'm still working on Captain's Quest, but you know school :( :(
Eero R I can understand about 50% of the words in earlier posts without translator... ;D
Now, if somebody could be so kind and teach me the rest of the language, I'd be very grateful (hint)... ::)
Come on, please... ;D
I mean it seriously... ;D
Joker Sorry 'bout the Dutch talk earlier, folks!

I was asking KonTiki why he didn't finish Little Pirate first before starting another game, because I liked LP and was hoping to see it finished.

KonTiki told me he had LP on a hold and liked working on Ninja Forever better.

That's all.

We'll be conversating in English from now on. ;D

(BTW: Kontiki, Ninja Forever looks promising, too!)
Eero R Could someone at least teach me basics of Dutch... Please... :-\
Joey Date Quest 2, but I havent worked on it for the longest time. ::)
Eero R
Kon-Tiki wrote:

Joel Jen's Quest is still in development, though I haven't done any AGI Studio work in a good while. I need to do a bit more planning before I go any farther with it, and I've momentarily lost patience with drawing pictures.
MagickPoultry Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed. I haven't worked very much more on it since the demo because this semester has been kind of hard. I've got a lot of it done on paper, though.
Eigen I started working on Dr.Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 two days ago. Now I have three rooms ready. That's not so bad. I'm making it in SCI.

Oliver I made a game in Quick Basic (finished it today).
It will never be released because it is rather weird. ;)
Oliver wrote:

I made a game in Quick Basic (finished it today).
It will never be released because it is rather weird. ;)

Why would that stop you? I bet you I've seen weirder things.
Eero R Yeah! Release it... ;)
Oliver Nope....It's a....dirty will think of me as a weirdo if I release it...
Eigen I've played it. It's a dirty game all the way! If you ask my opinion then.....go ahead! Who cares if you're a weirdo... ;)

Oliver Da*n you Eigen. SHUT UP! I said I'm not going to release it so shut up! >:( >:(
Kon-Tiki Hey, weirdo's have more fnu (that and sydlectics)

Bjoern Well, "V" is of course also still in development. The next version of the game will be the final one and should be ready by the end of summer.

df wrote:

what games are currently in development?

May 20th 2003
Naturette III: adventure in treeworld (complete as well)

Maybe sooner or later

Robin Gravel
Zero2003 Crossing Blades the Demo with Agi Mouse Interface
Also the Full Version will have Agi Muse interface thanks to Robin and Chris for makeing the Mouse interface.

The demo will be out in 2 more weeks so stay in your seats!!!! :)