Voodoo Girl:  Queen of the Darned

Andrew Baker I now have a full beta version of Voodoo Girl: Queen of the Darned.  I'll post again when I have my web space back up.
Anyone interested in a copy before then can e-mail me a request.
sonneveld Hands up anybody who's requested Voodoo Girl from Andrew?  You should give the game a go now, the graphics are good and he's got some interesting ideas in there.  There's no website for the game yet, but his email is still valid.  If he doesn't get any comments he may give up completely.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker Thanks, Nick, but I'm just getting started.
AGI1122 Well from what I have seen so far your game looks pretty good. I am into voodoo and stuff like that.
Nailhead *raises hand*

I'd like to take a peek. I'll email ya.
Andrew_Baker All right.
sonneveld I'm having trouble downloading the voodoo girl package..  should I wait a sec for you to upload them first? :)

- Nick
AGI1122 Hmmm, isn't that the same look as Nick's Developer site? Well anyway nice job the game looks great.
sonneveld I don't mind.  He asked, I gave permission.  

That's not the point anyway.. try the game!! :)

- Nick
Andrew_Baker Yeah, AGISCI, I so completely loath writing web pages (I used to code html on paper first, errrrg), that I flat out asked Nick if I could just steal his layout and change all the pictures and text.  That was messy, too, and I almost accidentally attributed the site to Nick.  All those other links and stuff will actually point to something in the near future, but for right now...

Yeah, Nick, a friend of mine was kind enough to fix some errors that made it impossible to download my game zip.  Even the zip packet itself is inappropriate, because it includes the template.com, which I don't know whether it's a hacked version of AGI or the original with a different name.  I've been meaning to ask about the legality and ethics of packaging my games with NAGI (with which I seem to have the least amount of trouble), but I could just be a mensch and link to your page.

Finally, this demo is in a much earlier dev phase than I had hoped, but I made it a personal goal to have my site up with a demo posted by the end of the weekend.  I spent a couple ten hour sessions plugged into my computer to get everything done, but I still have tons of bugs I never intended.  I mean, heck, all the new graphics are there, but there aren't any puzzles this time around....   errrrrggg!  I'd like to thank the Academy....   so, so tired....
sonneveld I think perhaps you should have both demos (the one you were emailing and the current one) to give people an idea of how the game has progressed and at least give them some puzzles to work with..

I'm not sure about the legality either.. but I've got the sierra intepreters packaged on my site.  NAGI is actually a reverse-engineered sierra interpeter.. so I dunno if this makes it less or more legal. :)

But you're welcome to page NAGI along with your game.  I know the V demo does.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker I updated my page.  The old VG:QOD demo is up, as is an update to the version 1.2 demo.

The site itself still looks like a diseased monkey's cranny (Why won't my pictures work?  AAAAAAARGH...  don't worry, I'll fix everything soon.).

So, anyway, the new version 1.2 is the version I originally intended to release, but couldn't meet my deadlines.
sonneveld Try using CuteFTP (get a patch so it lasts more than 30 days) or an ftp client that lets you change the permissions of files and make sure that the graphics files have permissions to read for all user groups.

That's the problem I've got with my provider at the moment, I have to manually twiddle the permissions.. it's fortunate they've got a script to help with that.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker I've just made a significant update to Voodoo Girl:  Queen of the Darned Demo v. 1.2.  Anyone who downloaded a broken copy should try this one instead.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but some bugs weren't detected until after the game was posted.  I blame the tiny men that live in my colon.
Robin_Gravel I heard on the chat about voodoo girl 2 is working.

Did voodoo girl 1 is finished yet or just a demo?

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Voodo girl 2? He is still working on part 1. Maybe your talking about version 1.2?
Robin_Gravel I found and saved some interresting voodoo girl 2 stuff  and incomplete on the chat. Chris, if you came to the chat lately, you may miss some interresting plots.

Sorry I removed who was said that.

"I could have the player switch between VG and her zombie at different points. Each character would have to accomplish something unspecified for the other to continue."

"or swap anytime, bit of maniac mansion action... I don't think anybody's tried that in agi yet"

"Isn't Robin trying to do something like that in Serguei 2"

"Plus, I want to limit it to just a side thing. There can always be Voodoo Girl 2."

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Yeah, I haven't been in the chat room lately. I have been trying to work on remaking AGI Studio's help file. After I get finished with it I will probably visit it more often. Oh and sorry about earlier, the power went out here and I was shut off. I lost alot of work on the AGI Studio help file because of it and now I have to rewrite it again. :'(
Andrew_Baker Sorry, Robin, I'm still working on Voodoo Girl 1.2: Queen of the Darned. If and when I come up with a Voodoo Girl 2, it will be sometime after the end of this year. Voodoo Girl has about a month or two of work left before it's beta, and maybe another month of playtesting before it gets released in full. After that, I have about three other projects I'd like to see in AGI.
Andrew_Baker Voodoo Girl: Queen of the Darned v 1.21 has been uploaded to my site... http://userweb.springnet1.com/failrate

This update includes 99.9% of the island in glowing EGA!!
Baby manga Voodoo Girl!!
Raft fun!!!
AGI1122 Wow your game keeps looking better and better. I think I might add your latest demo to my site for the next update.