"LOOK" problem

Anonymous Butler Hey, everyone. I'm having a problem with my statements. I have this:

Print("This room is very similar to the last, but there's a note on the wall.")

(if(Said('read / note'))
Print("Congratulations! You've just completed the game!")


(This is a short game based on the tutorial)

Anyway, when I put in "look" in the game, I get my look statement. However, when I put in "Read note", I don't get that statement, but rather the regular 'look' statement. Anyone know what's wrong here?
Brian Provinciano. Mr T.: No offence, but _please_ inspect the questions more before resonding!! You're giving everyone wrong answers!

Anonymous Buter:
Hi. Your problem lies in the vocab. Sierra originally grouped the words "look" and "read" together. That being the case, typing "read" will always be the same as "look", as well as "display", etc.

To fix it, simply load the vocab.000 ("Words") vocab in the Vocabulary Editor, go "Find Word"->"look" then remove the word "read" from the look group, and create a new group, placing it in there. Finally, recompile the script(s) using the "read" word.