Dave's Quest

David Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to release this week my most recent version of Dave's Quest. It's still not done. I haven't had time to work on it at all lately, but I still believe that people should be able to see the new work in progress since it is more than two times as big as what was previously out there. I'm sorry this game has taken so long. It really does take a lot of work to make one of these games. Anyhow, expect it sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday.

Joel Looking forward to it.
sonneveld I'll look forward to it.
(umm.. didn't mean to repeat you joel) :)
AGI1122 Cool, I can't wait to see it. :)
Robin_Gravel Icabod

Please, could you stop feuding between you and Rich Eter?

No one in here is interesting to your personnal problems.

I'm exciting to put a new Dave's quest version to my site.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld <rich and icabod crap removed>

I don't want to see this crap.  Leave your imaginary fights in your own separate thread so at least I can lock it.  Lets keep this thread related to Dave's Quest.

- Nick
Rich Eter Lock it? What do you mean lock it? Does that mean so others can't read it? What would be the point of that? The war between Icabod and I must continue... at least until he apologizes and helps me find a new girlfriend.

Anyway, here's some information people may find useful... so you won't delete "my crap". I went to the Dave's Quest website and the new version is there! I'm so excited! This motivates me to work on my FQ2 game again!

AGI1122 Yeah I just downloaded it now to try it, for all the rest of you that don't know where his web site is:


Have fun.
sonneveld Have your little war on another board.. it's not funny.

- Nick
Rich Eter Hey, I was wondering if I could have a cameo in Dave's Quest! That would be so cool. You have a cameo in FQ2... (or rather I should say that I ripped off your graphics, but whose counting!). Thanks, Dave!

uaru99 Well, I got through some of the game, but when I got to T** L*** (word partly hidden in case there might be a no-spoiler rule here) I wasn't able to get through the door.  I am guessing that this is an bug in the the interpreters, Agil and Sarien, because I have also encountered this same bug in other fan-made games.
Andrew_Baker Hey, Dave, I just downloaded your game and checked it out.  Wow...  your attention to detail is intense.  I couldn't find the apartment keys or Dave's phone book (To call Rachel), but dang....  I can tell you really spent an insane amount of time making all those little details perfect.  I especially love the toilet.  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!  Or how Dave can only put on the towel while he is hidden behind the wall.

If you can ever get to the end of this monster, you'll do us all proud (weep, weep).
Joker :o :) :D ;D

Hey, Dave!

I've downloaded Dave's Quest and I must say; The pictures are great! I also like the story line (so far) and I can't wait for you to finish this game!!

There are some bugs, though. I took Rachel with me to the Toystore and when I left the car, she couldn't be seen. I HAD to take her there, 'cause there's no Med Center yet.

I don't want to complain, I just want you to FINISH THIS GREAT GAME!!!

Bye, Joker
Mic McMullen Man, I must say that I thought this game was awesome! It really makes me feel as if I'm Dave in LA having crazy adventures! If I had a dollar for every time I got killed trying to pick up that chick at the hot tub, I'd be a rich man!

I hope you finish this soon. I can't wait to play through the whole game!

Karl-Johan Lundberg Well done Dave! To think that your still fighting with Dave's quest. You are one of the few that has been around since the beginning and is still working with your first game.
I remember back then... The games you waited for were Time's Quest, Dave's quest, Jeff's quest, The Ruby cast etc. At least two are still worth waiting for. And for that I am thankful.

So try and find some time for Dave's quest coz we are still waiting for the finished game!