sci studio3 barfs

df on scripts inside kq4-0.000.253... everything else looks ok, but the scripts dont decod.

they decode with kq4-0.000.502
Brian Provinciano. That's because that is what I call SCI002. It's a slightly different version of SCI0, and not fully supported. The next SCI Studio will have version detection and support all the EGA versions. You'll need to wait until I get back though.
df when did it change? what are all the versions of this different sci0 to the standard sci0?

where is the sci0 version breakpoint?

i ddint see anything mentioned in the freesci documentation
Brian Provinciano. Because there are almost countless versions, it's hard to say when exactly this changes.

What I will be doing for SCI Studio 3.1 is adding simple routines which try to load the map in SCI0 mode, if fails, try SCI1 mode. Next, see the encoding methods used. Try SCI0 enc method 1 algo on the resouce encoded with enc 1. If fail, try the SCI1 one. etc. Then, try to decode the first script with SCI0 mode. If fail, try SCI002. If fail, try SCI1. etc. Finally, it will come out with a version and set SCI Studio in that version mode.

I plan on implementing complete EGA support. then VGA.