I just..(more)

Dragon I just watched Call For Help on Tech TV and i found out about this game maker. From what I saw it looks cool so i am going off to download it
Patrik Game maker IS pretty cool. My brother who works as a programmer is obsessed with it. Personally, I'll stick with Sci Studio. Game maker, from what I've understood about it, is more for those who'll want to create arcade and action kinda games.
mr-t The game maker he is talking about is SCI Studio.
Eero R Well, there is game engine named Game Maker and you can find link on Call for Help's homepage, I don't know, did it appear in show.
Patrik Yeah, I didn't watch the call for help show but I took a look at their website and this other engine called Game Maker was mentioned therefore I thought Dragon meant that program. AGS was also mentioned on the page.