SCI Studio 2.0 Final & Source Code Released

Brian Provinciano Can you believe it? I've finally released SCI Studio 2.0 Final and the complete source code under the GNU GPL!

The code is distributed under the GPL with no warranty. You can use it to update SCI Studio to your liking. If you use any code, you must give me, the author (Brian Provinciano) credit and release your program's full source code under the GNU GPL.

Before you all start asking me the big question, I will tell you--I'm not retiring from AGI/SCI, just open sourcing SCI Studio. I needed a break for a while, but am back. I spent the time I was away from SCI Studio on other stuff such as coding games, Nintendo coding and hardware stuff, as well as learning Java. It was just what I needed to get the energy to come back in full force.

Important Info

A while back, someone named Warlock took the AGI Studio source code, changed some menu item names, removed Peter Kelly's name from the program, and tried to release "his" AGI Studio. I refused to release it for him, and deleted it there after. I do not want this happening to SCI Studio, a reason I hesitated releasing the code.

All I ask is that you do not change a few minor things and then release a "new" version with your name on it. The point of this open sourcing is to build a superior program. Making minor changes to get your name in the program in an insult to me (the author), and the countless hours I've spent on this program. If all you're doing is redesigning the forms and not touching the code, don't bother releasing it.

I want anyone who decides to work on this to focus on functionality enhancements, bug fixes, and porting, rather than cosmetic changes. SCI1 support would be nice, but I beg of you, please fix the existing bugs, completing the SCI0 Studio first!
sonneveld After looking at the excellent work that Nailhead has done on AGI Studio, I don't think you should have anything to worry about.  There might be some bad apples, but none that would be accepted in this community.

Congratulations on your open source release, I'll certainly be looking at it.

- Nick
AGI1122 This is great. I have always wanted to make a SCI game but decided to wait since there was some many bugs in the beta. I am so happy. :) :) :)

Great job Brian.
Mokalus_of_Borg This is fantastic news for the adventure game community. I've just finished downloading, and I'll check it out tomorrow, when I have the time. Keep up the good work, Brian, we're all in your debt.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Until I saw that this was posted on the 2nd, I was sure it was a joke. :P
PPS - And now that I know it's not, I'm one happy camper. ;D
sonneveld Brian probably had it ready before the 1st but was waiting to get past all the hoaxes :)

- Nick
AGI1122 It seems that lots of the same bugs are in this version... the view animator does not save to the game properly so you have to use SCI Graphic studio to alter views. And here is a new one, if you save your cursors to resource.000 the cursors will not show up in the SCI resource viewer. The problem went away when I moved all the cursors to resource.001. Another bug I found was the you could not reduce the size of a font character below it's original size when it was loaded.

Also the help file has not changed since last time and has lots of broken pages and missing information.

I have only noticed a few differences here and there, but maybe I should look closer to see what else is new.
Brian Provinciano I'll check into those bugs and try to fix them. The problem with taking a break was that I forgot what I needed to fix :)

Expect a new version soon.

Thanks for all your support!
AGI1122 I have already begun work on my own SCI game. It would be usefull if you could get some more information in the help file for the scripts though. Well I must say again great job Brian. "They said it couldn't be done, they where wrong!" ;D
Brian Provinciano I've fixed the font editor bug, as well as the resource adding bugs. When I've fixed another view editor bug I found, I'll release the next version (probably tomorrow!).

BTW, Mokalus of Borg is right :) I did have it ready on the 1st, but didn't want anyone to think it was a joke, so officially released it on the 2nd. hehe
Brian Provinciano I've fixed all those bugs that you've mentioned Chris, and more!

Check out the latest version on my site.
AGI1122 Cool, I can't wait to try it out.

I have been working a little with the version you have out now. I thought I should make a template game for myself to use before I actually get into making my own SCI game. So far so good the menus work fine I am adding the speed + and - right now. I have had a bit of trouble with drawing views though. I could really use some more info on how it is done.

And once again I must say, great job. Everybody give him a round of applause. *claps*
AGI1122 Well just so yall can see what have been doing. You can download it by clicking here. A few of the menu things are up and working now. Plus I added a few things test things out. If you click pause it will set a variable to true which is used to determine the cursor it should be using. Also I set it so if you click inventory it would add 50 points to your score(I still havn't added a check though to make sure the user doesn't keep pressing it and racking up the points, but then it is just a test to see how to make the score bar refresh itself.) Also just for now I put the new V pic.000 from the game into it to test it out while I was figuring out how to load the pics. All I need to do now is figure out how to draw those dang views...

Also Brian, I found a new bug in the room simulator... the background pics load upside down... it is quite funny looking though. But still a bug that needs to be fixed.