I just watched it!

RJD I jsut watched Call For Help! It was a little on the short side but anyway...I ran all the way from school today to see it. Aaronix: YOU FORGOT TO MENTION ME! oh well....you win some you lose some. You still did a great job, you and Brian

-Ryan Davies-

P.S. sorry you havent seen much of me lately, i've been busy. I am still hard at work on my games though
mr-t Was it good?
XFan2003 Lol i recorded it. I envisioned Brian differently but it was good. Chris really liked it. Nice Job Brian.

RJD. I agree with Xfan2003, and I also recorded it
juncmodule Will anyone be posting it for those of us that don't have techTV?

XFan2003 Juncmodule, Brian said he would ask TechTv to post it on their website because they did it previously with a different show. You'll have to double check with Brian on what they said.

Brian Provinciano. You didn't picture me with my pipes and abs or what :) hehe. Yeah, I'm an avid bodybuilder. I'm also only 18 'cause I've been coding for years and years and years. I've been pumping iron for over four and a half years, and coding for even longer.
baderman Hi all,

I watched TechTV several days ago from home. And I'm impress with what Brian did with the SCI engine.

I d/l the version 3.0 and start programming my first game yesterday. It turned out very good. I'll post my game someday.

I'm a big fan of Sierra's old games, I adore them and collect each one of them KQs, SQs, LLs, PQs.

Nice to know you all,


PS: I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia.
Eero R Well, welcome to Mega-Tokyo!
By the way: do you have non-PC or non-English versions of those games, I have those missing from my collection? Maybe we could trade...
aaronix Aw, man! I'm sorry RJD! The minute all those cameras were on me and Brian in the studio, my adrenaline started pumping, my palms got sweaty, and I was nervous as H***!!! I had even reminded myself to mention your name at GoldenGate park the day before...

Well, that's what happens when they tell you you're "LIVE - ON THE AIR"!!! :o

RJD. Its fine. Really. Its a letdown all right, but I'll live..