SCI kernels and commands?

AGI1122 I have a few questions about the SCI kernels and commands. What are the kernels and commands? There isn't enough documentation in the SCI Studio help file for me to really know. I need to know how to load a pic and then draw the pic on the screen. Also how do I load views and draw views?
sonneveld see the faq on this board.. it's got info on sci resources (and the fact that there's not much atm)

- Nick
AGI1122 Well, I have already learned how to draw the pics. I still need to figure out how to draw views. But other than that things are going great. I am trying to make a template for myself before I actually attempt making a game though. I already have some of the menu stuff and the pic stuff set up. I still need to learn a few things but it is coming along just fine. :)
AGI1122 I finally figured out how to draw the views onto the screen:

ShowCel(Viewnumber Loopnumber Celnumner Posx Posy priority)

Now to figure out how to animate it and an even more important how to make the user control the character with the keyboard and the mouse...
Brian Provinciano I  did some demos with pics, menus and views a year+ ago. I think they are on my site somewhere.

Also, if you didn't notice, the new help file contains some kernel stuff (which could use some help formatting it :)
AGI1122 Yeah I has noticed you updated the help file when I replaced the directory with the new files and it said it was compiled on the 3rd. That is where I learned about the ShowCel command. But the DrawPic command I learned from studying your demos which I have.

Also I found another bug with the adding view resources, I added a view resource and when I ran the game the view was drawn all screwed up and distorted. Then I opened SCI Graphic Studio and added it using it's resoure manager and the view displayed in the game normally.