LockerGnome Quest Released

Brian_Provinciano For the upcoming SCI Studio segment on TechTV, I was asked to write a little game unique to the host of the show Call For Help. The result is LockerGnome Quest.

Get it at:

mr-t cool game man.
XFan2003 Hey Brian is it possible to get out of the room or is it just to show TechTV what is possible because max number of points is 28 and i have anywayz nothing seems to be working...just wanted to make sure.

Brian_Provinciano 34? I must've uploaded the wrong version. Anyways, it is possible to get out of the room, I've beaten it about ten times to test it. Look around, pick up objects and used them together.
Brian_Provinciano I've uploaded the correct version. The last version would increment the score every time you go on the chair rather than just the first time. Now you need to work hard for your 28 points. PS. you can finish it with only 27. Good luck
AGI1122 Yeah if you grab the knife but don't look in the box it gives you 27.

Great game, I love the graphics. :)
Eero R It's a very good game!
Pikachu14 Just played it. Knew I should've looked in the box before h******ng the ******r. :P

It's a great game though. Short but sweeet!
XFan2003 I still cant beat it!!!! When i type in use speaker it says you dont have the speaker but i picked it up and its in my inventory....
Any hints???
Eero R You can't "pick up speaker", you must "take speaker". :'(
Eigen I finished it. It's a great game! :D

Kon-Tiki Drat, I'm stuck with 20 points. It doesn't accept anything I try from there on :(

AGI1122 What items do you have?

And have you already broken the bulb?
Kon-Tiki Bulb's been broken, Speaker has been cut. Got Speaker, knife and Windows.

AGI1122 Use the speaker in the lamp. ;)
XFan2003 I cant cut the cable in the TV. I type in cut speaker wire, i typed in cut wire, i typed in cut cable, i tried every possible thing and it puts im not sure what you want me to do or something like that...its annoying :)


Kon-Tiki Staggering stagflation! Tried that hundreds of times, but with those words, it actually worked :o

Kon-Tiki Tom: Use knife on speaker.

XFan2003 ahhh thanx -Kon-Tiki-

Eero R Well, in the beginning I tried "use wires on lamp" so that variation should be added too. ;D
Paladinlover I finished it, great game. I'd definately like to make short games like this... perhaps a tribute to Brian, but I have to learn first. And right now I'm pretty busy with college.

Till next time stay cool 8)