SCI Studio 3.0 Released

Brian_Provinciano It's finally here. After working all day everyday to get it done by today. You wouldn't believe the sleep I've missed, but it's here!

XFan2003 Brian....*puts hand on brians sholder* i love looks great...ive browsed through the tutorial and i see you made some changes. I wanna work with it but its 10 here and i got skool 2morrow. I just wanted to tell you thanx it lux awesome and im sure it will do just fine. Good luck on TechTV and....get some sleep man...oh and a cup of coffee wouldnt hurt. :)

Wilco23 Brian, you're a legend!
I've only just been introduced to SCI Studio this week, but I've followed the forum and I can't wait to download the new version of SCI Studio! Congrats!
:D Yay!
Eigen Wow! :o What more can I say? - THANKS BRIAN!!!!

Paladinlover I'm downloading it right now.

I can't wait to open it and get all the new goodies from it and the new tutorial.

I see a bright future for you Brian. Do you know how I know that? From observation.

Richard Garriot started out like you. And he ended up becoming the man who invented the PC RPG genre.

Bill Gates started out like you. He worked for a computer company for a chance to use their computers, and now look at him, he's the richest man on earth.

Ken and Roberta Williams, as well as the entire original Sierra cast (the Coles, The two guys from Andromeda, Al Lowe and the rest) all started really small, yet they produced the most loved games in history.

And now thanks to SCI Studio, we can get to making them ourselves... I've delayed my learning till SS3 came out, and now it's time to start making games.

Till next time stay cool 8)
AGI1122 Wow this is great, I must say you did an awsome job on this.

I love how fast it is now, things used to take forever to load or would crash on me. So far no bugs that I can see. :)
mega keo i know, i hafe it ::), good job whit some of the pics.
wel have fun whit your one sci studio brian. :)
Pikachu14 Please ignore whatever Mega Keo posts. He's a retard.

I know, I have it ::)

But he first downloaded nothing but docs and source code. Lamer.
Good job with some of the pics.

They are very nice indeed. Too bad I couldn't find the one I drew. :-\
Well, have fun with your own SCI Studio, Brian. :)
Eero R SS3 is so great and works so stable! Good job!
Pikachu14 I wonder if I could do a tutorial of my own: How to convert DemoQuest / LockergnomeQuest to VGA.
Brian_Provinciano I will be porting them to VGA for sure, as I can't release SCI Studio VGA without demo games ;) I will also write a guide to SCI Studio VGA for users of SCI Studio EGA.

You can write any tutorials you wish though.

Now remember guys, SCI Studio VGA and EGA use the EXACT same scripting language, and a similar enough class system. The only significant difference is that instead of doing "IF SAID"s, you check "IF CLICK"s (though it's even easier!). That being said, to all those who have been waiting for SCI Studio VGA to make SCI games, get started with SCI Studio EGA, do the tutorial and all that stuff. That being the case, you'll be coding your VGA games the day SSVGA is released rather than having a long learning curve.

Thanks for all the complements guys! Enjoy SCI Studio!
aaronix Good job getting all this ready for the show, Brian! ;)
I'll see you in SF for the segment on Friday.

Rob Do you have to scecify a coordinate rectangle with if click or do you do it something like

Print("It's a broken lamp.")


Print("This lake appears to be filled with toxic waste.")

AGI1122 Most likely you have to specify coordinates. But I am not really sure.
mega keo wrote:

i know, i hafe it ::), good job whit some of the pics.
wel have fun whit your one sci studio brian. :)

Did you go to school with Jeff K?
dreamweaver you're amazing
Brian Provinciano. You can use coordinates or control colours. I chose to use control colours as it is easier.
Perica Senjak Wow, the new SCI Studio looks great! (I tried it just out of curiostiy, even though i'm not going to make a game ;D);

I was just wondering: How did you make the Graphics for it? (The logo, buttons etc?); What program did you use?
Brian Provinciano. Thanks! I used a mainly Paint Shop Pro 3/7. I've been using 3 since my Windows 3 days, and still love it, where as I used 7 for the more intricate stuff.
Rob Brian, the undo button/feature in the cursor editor screen usually if not always returns an error for me. I am running Windows 2000. I haven't seen the error in the view editor screen though. Thank you for getting rid of that annoying but in the pic editor. I can now use brushes properly.
Brian Provinciano. I'll have a look at it when I get back. Should be easy to fix. BTW, what kind of error are you getting?
Rob Access violation at address 0041A554 in module "SCIStudio.exe". Read of address 00000000A