Playing Amiga games in NAGI/Sarrien

K.J. Okay, I went over and downloaded Kings Quest 5(amiga version) here:

I then downloaded ADF Opus:

And... what do I do now? I would like to use NAGI or Sarrien to play it.

Thanks in advance,
sonneveld I don't think Kings Quest 5 would work under NAGI or Sarien because Kings Quest 5 is actually an SCI1 game.  You would have better luck with Kings Quest 1-3 (4 wasn't an AGI game under the Amiga).

After you have the image.. get ADFOpus and extract the files using that program.

From the NAGI Docs:
NAGI also runs Amiga games.  They can be handily found at Back 2 the Roots .  Just search for "Sierra".  The last I heard, they were given permission to distribute the old Amiga versions of the games.  However, they first have to be extracted from the amiga disk image (ADF) first. There's a nice program called ADF Opus that does this work for you.  Just extract all the files found in the "data" directory and NAGI should be able to run those files with no trouble at all.

There are some slight differences between the Amiga games and the PC games.  Some of the older games don't support the "ESC" key to access the menu, instead it just pauses the game.  To access the menu you will have to click on the status bar with the mouse, just like the Amigians had to do.  Older Amiga games accepted the "ESC" key properly.

Unfortunately, even FreeSCI only support SCI0 games at the moment and not SCI1.  I'm not sure if FreeSCI supports the Amiga variations either.

I hope that helps you play some classic sierra Amiga games.

- Nick
K.J. Thanks for the help Nick.