AGI - Arcade Sequence Help

Jeff Stewart Does anyone have an example of a way to determine if the left or right arrow was pressed? I know about ego_dir and how to set up controllers, but the instance I need to solve is essentially an arcade sequence where i need to tell whether or not a key has been pressed. The arrow keys seemingly can't be checked, and the controllers i set up (f6, f8) seem to keep being true every cycle after they are first pressed. I need a key that isn't going to interefere with text and will return true is pressed and false if not pressed. Any way to do this?
sonneveld I'm pretty sure the arrow keys are handled differently and can't be handled by the controllers..

There are other ways of capturing the keys though.. use the actual ego for a start. (replace the actual ego character as another animated object)

- Nick
Jeff Stewart ;D Oh well... I just engineered around it... put a flag that only got set when certain things were true in logic 0... actually works better. Thanks though. VERY nice interpreter BTW. I'm thinking of distributing it with my game... is this ok? You'd be smack dab in the credits, too?
sonneveld You're welcome to package it with your game. Don't worry too much about credits in the game.. just make sure my name's mentioned somewhere in the docs or something.

If you package SDL.DLL (which would be useful for people who don't have it).. make sure you include it's readme file.. it's required that you add that as well.

- Nick