check out this 3D AGI animation :)

Geko Hi guys,

Check out
I was just playing around with 3d Studio and i really love Police Quest I.
What do You think?
Should i do more? :)

AGI1122 Wow that looks great! :)

Could you do some SQ3? or SQ2? ;)
Eero R Well, that was very good animation. ;D Keep up a good work!

PS: You're from Estonia? Me too!
Kon-Tiki WOO-HOO! That's the good stuff.

rwfromxenon Wow.
That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen related to AGI!
Perica Senjak This is great stuff. How'd you make it??
Oliver Well that's cool. ;D
Xqzzy Rcxmcq mmm...Police Quest animation gives me pleasing sensations!
smartguy240 is that 3d studio max 5?
Joey Awesome!

Say, can you make one for the part when your in the hot tub with eve on lsl 1? ;D ;)