Control Lines

Corby Wow, its been quiet here! Could someone tell me how to use control lines? (Like when roger is snarred in that one jungle screen after walking over a control line).
This is one thing I never learnt while making my first game. :)
Kon-Tiki Control lines are priority lines with a preset function (as you probably already know).

The first control line is black (nr. 0 8) ). You already know what this does. No object can cross this. Ever.

The second control line is blue (nr. 1). It does the same as black, only this can be turned off with the ignore.blocks()-command.

The third and last control line is the one you seem to be looking for. It's green (nr. 2). When an object crosses this colour, it toggles f3.

Easy eh? ;)

Corby Oh! That is easy! When the character crosses the control line, flag f3 is triggered! But what would one do if there was 2 different functions that needed to be triggered with control lines on the same screen? Such as:
function one: change view of ego to walk in water
function two: enter a new room
thanks for the help Kon Tiki!
Andrew_Baker Kon-Tiki is mistaken. The next blue (A lighter blue than the block) is the water control line. You can do two different things with this one. One, if the ego's baseline is entirely on the water control color, then the ego_on_water flag is set (I don't remember the actual flag number). So, you can use this as a second "trigger". Two, there's a function... somewhre in the help files (I never used it) that can be used to make animated objects stay in or out of the water. Don't use this feature with the ego because it doesn't work correctly.

Of course, you can also declare another "trigger" (Indeed, multiple "Triggers") with if(,y,x2,y2...... et cetera...
Corby ahh! That will work! I'll just use the lighter blue for water and if need, that object in box command for whatever else I need. Thanks Andrew!