Some stuff

Pikachu14 PalMerge.exe
A nifty little bastard. Given a PCX file with 192 colors, it'll combine these colors with SCI1's global palette and spawn Palette files for both Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop!

Larry 4 Theme Song
No description really necessary 4.mid
Pikachu14 Almost forgot, if you want to do Larry style age checking:
Paladinlover I'm 19, but I first played LSL when I was 9 or even before that, but at that time I had no idea how to play the game.

the only Sierra games which me and my brother finished without a walkthrough were Space Quest 3 and Quest for Glory 1.

Till next time stay cool 8)
Kon-Tiki Heeheehee, that Larry 4-song always makes me grin 'till behind my ears ;D Great job, it's far cooler than the other variations on it.

Eero R Pikachu, you're a real artist. Impressing!
Pikachu14 Oh, they love me! They really love me!

* huggles little gold statue *

Update:, complete demo project. Source code available through Private Messaging.
Paladinlover Yeah, you are a great artist, I really hope I can learn pretty quickly myself. I have so many questions, so little time, but I want to wait until SCI Studio 3 comes out first.

Till next time stay cool 8)
VeGeTa Hi im new to the SCI thingy im just learning it but where fo you get more templates for character skins and other stuff
mr-t Off a kind friend.