AGI/SCI Games Competition - February-May

Eigen I thought to start mothly AGI/SCI games competition.
For more info check out and select AGI/SCI games competition.
I also could use 2-3 people who would rate those games.
Anyway if this competition is a bad idea let me know. (This competition is based on AGS forum competition (MAGS)
* You have 3 months to make the game.
* It must have minimum 10 playable screens + intro.
* 23 rooms, 80 views, 9 sounds are max that your game may have.
* You can make it with a team.
* Game name must start with letter "S".
* Story: "Plane crashes in a jungle..." (Rest of the story think yourself.)
* Each competitioner may make 2 games max.
* You may use both AGI & SCI.
* Game must have sound.
* Game must be full version. (Not demo, teaser)

Last day to send the games is on 30th May. Let me know if you decide to make a game.

-- Competitioners: --
* Oliver Rull
* Allyb

--Judges: --
* Chris Cromer
* Andrew Baker
* SlaYo
* Kon-Tiki

(No more judges are needed)

SlaYo Personally i think that most of the people dont have time to make a game in a month.
Oliver But It is only ten rooms..So It shouldn't be hard.. ::)
AGI1122 Yeah but some people don't even get that much done in a month.

I agree, with SlaYo about people not having enough time. I don't think this is a good idea because of the time limit.
Zonkie How about if we expand the time a little? I know that it is very hard for me to get 10 rooms done in a month because of all the other work that is around, and thinking of a complete game with all the story etc... maybe what we could do instead is either make it three months or so, or make it as a "cooperative" competition. A few people draw the pictures, one person does the logics, one person sounds and one the sprites. They know as little as possible of what everybody else is doing, and in the end it will just be put together. Maybe pictures and logics would have to go together, but I guess if there was a common story or baseline it could work. Like: There are five characters and ego, views .000 - .005. Then one person draws the charcacters, not knowing how they'll fit... I think this could be fun.
Eigen So would anyone join the competition.

* Now you have over 3 months to make a game.
* And you can make it with a team.

Oliver D*mn I hoped that I would have a cange to win. ::) But the team thing took it away :-\
Zonkie That sounds better :). Is it still about those specific notes you wrote? Because otherwise people could just send in their current projects. But I like this now! Who is going to judge which game won?
Eigen Yes, it's still by those rules. For judging I need 4 people who would rate (Graphic, gameplay, sounds, story, etc) in five points scale (1-5). Every "judge" must rate all games and then games with highest total points wins. Anyone interested to rate the games?

AGI1122 I don't plan to actually make a game, but I would happy to judge the games. ;D
Oliver Just want to ask: Do you count intro screens to the 10 minimum screens?
Eigen Chris, you are Judge #1. ;)

Just want to ask: Do you count intro screens to the 10 minimum screens?

Judges? Oh wait I am a judge. ;)

Read his post above, it says + intro. So the intro does not count towards your ammount of screens.

Maybe you should redefine the rules to say this "10 playable screens"?
Andrew_Baker I'd like to judge, please.
SlaYo I'd also like to be a judge.
Randyd So ... what exactly does the winner get for putting in 3 months of focused hard work developing a complete AGI game?
Joey sounds good to me. but what if someone started working on a game like, last year, but they didnt post that on the board. what if they used that one. you wouldnt be able to tell if they have been working on it for only 3 months. just a thought.

but if you allow this, ill try to get dq2 done by then, and ill use that.
Kon-Tiki Count me in as a judge as well. I would make unfair competition towards the rest ;D 8) ;)

Zonkie I think Joey put up a good point. How about if there were "maximum" restrictions for the game as well? Such as a maximum of 20 rooms, 80 views or so on? Or maybe a limit in filesize? Just ideas, because that would make the game be a "short-but-sweet"-type of game, which I think are sometimes the most fun ones. So the judges also would not have to judge between maybe a 15 room, very detailed game and a 50 room game with very little quests or sprites or so.
Eigen Made some changes in the rules. BTW what would you like to get for winning? :P
Now we have enough judges. But they also need something to judge. ;)

Joey i forgot about that oliver. stupid me. :P

i may participate. we'll see what happens.
smartguy240 you mean like actual prizes?