Question about picedit

SlaYo Hello all, i have a problem in picedit.
Whenever i save a picture i drew and i re-open it random lines are added to the picture and the colors are wrong. Are any of you familiar with this problem and could you help me?

Thanks for reading my question.
Kon-Tiki Sounds like a history problem. If you want to change something in your pic, don't just go back and draw over it. The commands're still there, you just draw before they're given.

If you want to change something (undo), go back into the history and delete the command (by going right before it is given and pressing 'del')

Zonkie As Kon-Tiki said, it is probably a problem in the history. Check by opening up your picture and going back in the history. If you find the image the way you thought you had left it there, you can delete all the steps after this in the history and it should make the picture look alright (also check the priority screen - I sometimes delete steps by accident, forgetting to check if they were only done on the priority screen). It might also be some problem that occured when normal drawing was not switched off for priority drawing.
Oliver I have had the problem but I never knew why is it... :P
SlaYo Thnx , pictures are ok now.