The way AGI Stores Images...??

Perica Senjak Hey,

I read somewhere that AGI uses some sort of Compression to Store it's images (Surposedly called "Vector" ??), therefore they used only a small amount of memory.

I was just wondering, how does this format work?? How does it store the images?? How does the Compression work??

smartguy240 yes and do they have a recognized filenmame extention? I was JUST asking this at Eric's board ...but i havent gotten a response yet :-\...
Eero R Vector means that instead of every pixel saved in memory, there are only instructions how did maker of the room made it. Like in some programming languages: Circle (1,1,10,10). (Of course it isn't written with words.)
It saves room, because: for example we would want to make line from coordinates 0,0 to coordinates 20,20. In raster graphics you should store 200 bytes (every pixel with colors), but when making it in vector we only should use 6 bytes.
And AGI pictures do not have an single extension, when they are in AGI game, then they are in resource file(s) with picdir to show where they are. When they are extracted, they are usually named like picture.001 and so on.
Joel (not logged in) you can get a full description of the format of AGI pictures by looking at the unofficial AGI Specs, go to and then go to the Articles section. You'll find the Unofficial AGI Specs in the "Technical" section.
Joel (not logged in) Sorry, not, that should be
sonneveld darn.. I thought would be a rather interesting site.

Incidently.. I'm currently working on updating the specs. must talk to Chris about it.

- Nick
smartguy240 Ok...but is there a way to open them with an extention is my question!
AGI1122 Extensions don't mean didily squat, images are in a format. Even if you renamed someimage.gif to someimage.jpg it would still be in gif format even though it has the extension .jpg.

You would either have to make an AGI graphic conversion to .gif/.jpg/.png/etc.
sonneveld Chris... you're going about it the wrong way.

smartguy240 wrote:

Ok...but is there a way to open them with an extention is my question!

No, there is currently NO way.

- Nick
Mokalus_of_Borg But there could be. We already have code to read and display AGI backgrounds, so all we need to do is:
1. Create a cut-down version of, say, NAGI that just opens and displays one picture.
2. Agree on a standard file extension for the pictures. Perhaps .avp for AGI Vector Picture, or .abg for AGI Background.
3. Associate the viewing program with the file extension.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Easy as pie.
PPS - But not especially useful.
smartguy240 can YOU do that? :D that would be so awesome!
Mokalus of Borg wrote:

PPS - But not especially useful.

I completely agree. Can't think of one use for it, so Patrick, it's a waste of time making it. The time put in that could be better spent on making other, more usefull tools.

smartguy240 I can...GOOD OLD ADVENTURES :P

it takes time to extract those characters....
Eero R Yeah, I made a character for GOA ready in three minutes without Character Calculator, thanks to new developer kit, what isn't released yet. ;D
smartguy240 yes but do you know who gave martin the idea for teh new dev kit? this dude talking to you right now! thx to my idea...but i am kinda sad that my calc is obsolete now.......
Eero R Character templates was useful update... :D