Link please....

XFan2003 Hi my name is Tom and im just starting with SCI Studio and it appears that i got here a bit too late. The 2.13 version has a compiler problem and i just cant wait till March. I was wondering if someone could add me a link where i can download an earlier version that works. i see that everyone is talking about the games they are making and it just makes me all the more anxious. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

mr-t You're best off to wait until March. Chris' should have what you're looking for, though.
Brian_Provinciano SCI Studio 3 will be released March 1st at the latest (two weeks from now!). I will be on TechTV March 7th, so want to have it out in the public for at least a week prior to find any bugs if there are any (though there shouldn't be) before the show.

Anyways, go to my site again. I released 2.13A a little while ago which includes the corrected compiler problem. I actually figured out what was wrong with 2.14 while working on 3.0, but since 3.0 is going to be released so soon, there's no point in rereleasing 2.14. In the time it would take me to recompile it, update the site and pack it up, I could make SCI Studio 3 just that much better.

So, go to and enjoy 2.13A--just remember 3.0 is coming very soon. I'd suggest you just plan your game for the next two weeks. If you just start coding with an idea and no blueprints, your game will fall apart.
AGI1122 Yeah, there are some old versions of it up at

I do recommend trying 2.13A from Brian's site though.
XFan2003 Thanx Guys. :)