HELP! Stuck in Naturette 2

Claire I can't find the lipstick for the monster,
I can't find the micro for the singer,
I can't find the last 3 or 4 tiles,
and I can't get the rope.
Joel the microphone is not visible on the screen where you can find it. keep in mind where the singer said she lost it and comb every inch of the screen in that area

the tiles are not all in particularly logical sometimes have to click on random objects, such as signs, to find them
Joel BTW, by "comb" I mean walk over every inch of the screen.
Joel wrote:

BTW, by "comb" I mean walk over every inch of the screen.

If claire has seen space balls, there should be no confusion. :)
ClaireTC I found out how to get the bow and arrow. Ok, I'll try clicking on any signs that I havent yet next time I play it.
Stupid bridge monster hasn't asked for lipstick yet...
I've combed the library. No luck there.
Claire I found a tile in the mountain sign, (thanks for the tip) but combing the city streets turned up nothing. I combed a road leading from it, but still nothing. :( ???
Claire I saw Spaceballs. How would that help ???
Claire wrote:

I saw Spaceballs. How would that help ???

Remember in SpaceBalls, when they comb the desert for the droids? they use a large 'comb' to comb the desert.
Eero R Spaceballs is the funniest movie I've ever seen.
Joel yeah :) but I was just making sure it was clear I meant "walk" over the whole screen instead of "look" or something, because the microphone is obtained by walking over it and it ain't even visible.

I was thinking there was a specific area where the singer said she lost the mic. The library was not it.
Claire Hah hah! "Comb"! I remember that one. :D

Roads? Do u remember which? The 1 that ends at the house (i checked there), the one above, or the 1 in town (checked there too)? ???
Joel It's not necessarily on a road, but it may be very near to one, in a place where you can't see it.
Claire Yesterday I wrote down every room # for every road. I looked them up in AGI studio. I found it in room 82. I looked behind a tree in that room after combing "the ground" (it said ground in AGI) and found the mike! Thanks for the tip, it helped a lot! ;D I'm down to two tiles, which I can't find; I can't find the lipstick in the library; I can't go into the girl's basement; and I don't know which of the three I should take from Clarine or does it not matter? Hmm... ???

??? ??? ???
Claire Oh, the banana man, when does he show up?
Dang, sooo much left to do, only 'bout 100 points left.

I loooove AGI Studio. It helped me beat F#ck Quest. Anybody here played that sick $hit? Geezum!
???8) :-X 8) :-X ??? It helped you beat it???

You were stuck in Fuck Quest???

Only thing AGIStudio thought me about Fuck Quest is that there is a command to remove the anus.
Claire Ye, sort of...I looked at the Logic files to help me beat it. The game is so easy that a baby could beat it (if that were allowed). 8) 8) I can't beat AGI Phantasmagoria though. I'll bet that it's an unfinished game. It's not bad though. Hmmm...Maybe I should use AGI St to help me with the 13th Desifle or Pharoh Quest games...that's a good idea...I might try it. Still stuck in Naturette 2 though. ??? ??? ???
gpm P.S. That's cheating, Claire.

BTW, this is the first post on the AGI board in 2 days? Wow..
Claire I only cheat if I have to. The Logic files can be really confusing though. Walkthroughs can be hard to find. :-
Claire I've almost given up on Naturette and Naturette 2. If anybody can help me, email me.
I'll tell you my problems.
Kon-Tiki Best person to ask would be the maker himself. Haven't seen Robin around lately though. You can try to mail him at
and ask him about it. I'm sure he'd be delighted to answer your questions ;)

ClaireTC "Err...thanks."-Quote: Alex from Kings Quest 6
ClaireTC I beat both 1 and 2 by using AGI studio as a guide. Yeah!!! Finally!!! ;D

But I didn't get all the points though. I might get them someday. :-
Robin_Gravel Hi Claire

If you finished Naturette 2, you should see tips for missing things to make a full score.

Robin Gravel