The Missing Floppies Sneak Preview

Pikachu14 Here's a sneaky little preview of Larry IV. Made this yesterday.

Brian_Provinciano Very very nice sprites! Did you draw them completely from scratch or are they made from existing ones? It's great that you're drawing your own rather than ripping all the existing Sierra ones.
MusicallyInspired I also agree about the sprites! Nice job! Not Sierra but still has that 320x200/240 feel!
Pikachu14 Thank you. They are, in fact, all drawn from scratch and I must say I'm damn pleased with Larry's walk cycle!

And it's 320x190 if I remember correctly...
Brian_Provinciano From scratch!? Outstanding! If I ever have my own game company, you're definitely hired for the graphics ;)

I do draw the almost all of the icons for SCI Studio and stuff, but most of my games are made up of 100% my own code, 20% my own art, heh (which is why I usually make "remakes").

Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see it! SCI Studio VGA will be done in time. SS3 will be done for the show, and then right after I will implement the VGA modules. Getting SCI Studio VGA done won't be much work, just putting all the finishing touches will be, heh.
Kon-Tiki Yikes, got to hurry with the story! I'll make sure it's done before the release of SCI VGA (one or two weeks for my end essay and then all the free time on the story 'till it's completely finished)
Anyhow: Great sprites! Didn't expect anything less from you anyway, but they're still great ;)

Pikachu14 Well Brian, you just gotta ask me and I'll draw something...

Also, one might have noticed that Larry's pants are all crinkled, as if they're too long. This is a little joke I thought up. Y'see, in part 3 he's still drawn with normal proportions yet in part 5 and onwards he's all short and cartoony. Therefore I made this Larry sprite with LSL5 proportions (more or less) but his clothes are in LSL3 props.

Rafke, ik hoop dat dat TV programma nog even duurt ;)
Pikachu14 Updated the sprites. Check it out!
Paladinlover Fantastic. I should get to making a game myself, but seeing that I intend to make a QFG 2 style game (which requires SCI1) I do believe I have to wait for SCI VGA to come out.

By the way, Brian, I'm getting a credit card (Yippee) which means I can use Pay Pal to give my donations from now on. I should get it in about a week or two, and then send the money directly into your account.

and after I send it, I'll start preparing a third donation, which shouldn't take too long (I hope at least).

Till next time stay cool 8)