Old Gold Rush

ursulescu Hi all!

I never got through the old Gold Rush game back in 1990 all because when I went to the Green Pastures hotel I didn't quite understand what EXACTLY to say to the man behind the desk about "Brother Jake". It has been a long time since I thought about this game, or even played it, but I still have it on my old Apple IIgs. If anyone has any information on a walk through from that point forwards, I would sure appreciate it as I would like to try and finish this quest after a 13 year absense.

ThanX for the help!
Kon-Tiki --------->SPOILER<--------

There're some things you need to do first. Go to your parents' grave and use the letter on it. Go over it until it says something. Then go to the Green Pastures and ask about room 11.
For a complete walkthrough, you can always check Gamewinners

AGI1122 I prefer http://gamefaqs.com ;D
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