Doug McMahan WOW :o

I am a longtime fan of these types of games, since Sierra stopped making them being able to design my own is a dream come true. I found the SCIstudio a couple days ago and have been messing around with it nonstop. This is a wonderful tool, I'll especially look forward to a vga version. Great work Brian, this is all quite amazing.

I should be starting work on my own game within a couple more days.

One question... If I design parts of a game with the SCIstudio v 2.13 will I likely be able to import graphics later? (i.e. use a default ego, then once its possible bring in hand-drawn scanned images to replace all the animations, or replace the visual portions of a background image with a scanned picture?)


Mokalus_of_Borg If the images are all the same size, it should be as easy as cut & paste. If they're different sizes and some of your code depends on the size of views, you'll have a little more trouble, but it's still pretty easy.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - That's just a barebones summary, mind.
PPS - And I have more experience with just the SCI graphics format than SCI Studio, so I may be wrong.