SCI VGA Graphic Extractor

zeldafreak Who here thinks Brian, if he can on his spare time, of course, should release a VGA Graphic Extractor to tide us over for VGA, so us artistically challenged people can at least use some of the graphics from them.
Brian: If your busy don't worry about it. We can wait. But it sure would be cool. I understand that you are working hard, but if that VGA Graphic Extractor is already created, it sure would be awesome if you could realease it.

Pikachu14 It'd give us quite a headstart.
zeldafreak Oops, sorry brian, you did make one!

There is one problem. I can't see the view i'm about to exract!
Brian Provinciano. Please read the note on my web site (or the topic "New SCI Studio"). I am working very hard on nothing but SCI Studio 3 (EGA) for the show in early march. SCI Studio EGA (2.1) is too messy to forget about it and go full fledge into SCI Studio VGA. It will be done when...well just look at the note :) Gotta get back to work on SCI Studio 3. No joke, it's all I'm doing until the show, I need to get it done by March, and that means 10-12 hours every single day of coding...