Ego stop moonwalking!!

dark wolf First of all hello everybody!!
I read an post of somebody who had the same problem as me but i didn't understand the solution. So I ask it again. My (stupid) question is how can I stop ego walking back to the right it looks like he does the moon walk?? please keep it a little bit simple because I'm just a newb ??? ???

Oja en voor ik het vergeet Hallo allemaal belgische en nederlands mensen
rwfromxenon There's a bug in SCI Studio where it screws up views. Try the SCI EGA Graphic Studio or the latest version of SCI Studio.
dark wolf I have version 2.13A 160 is the latest version isn't it??
filt Seems like a bug. I had the same problem, but i found out that SCI Studio seems to "flip" my ego loop 1/3, i just flipped it back so it didnt look exatly the same as loop 0/3. Good luck!