New SCI Studio

Brian_Provinciano I fixed the compiler in SCI Studio 2.14 (it was set in SCI1 mode, I simply set it to SCI0 mode in my code!), but when I was about to release it, I noticed the serious view/font editor bugs which I had heard about before, but since I was running XP, they didn't come up. Now that I'm using ME, they appear and are major. I debugged and stepped through the code for hours, yet the error was coming up at random places. If I was running XP, I might be able to figure them out, but since I am not, it baffles me.

This being the case, I will not be releasing 2.14A. I have released 2.13A which suggest everyone use. It fixes the SCI version checking so Lightfoot's CoreQuest will open.

Now, I have started a major reconstruction of SCI Studio. Since I have been working on it for nearly four years (can you believe it!), and constantly adding things to it, it's become a huge jumble of mess. Everything is all over the place, and this is the source of the memory problems and such.

I don't want to release a buggy version to the world on TechTV that don't work well unless you use NT or XP. So, I will be working 7 days a week, all day until the show to create a major new version. It will be based around memory management with lots of pseudocoding.

How will I accomplish the recoding of four years of work in only a month? Well, for one I'll be working every single day all day. However the main reason is because I will reuse much of the same code. I'm basically reconstructing the whole shell, IDE and frame from scratch. Then I will implement the general resource handling routines from the previous version.

Here's the main thing--I feel that SCI Studio EGA is too buggy leave behind for SCI Studio VGA. So, I am reconstructing a versatile shell, which will have all the room it needs to just "plug in" an EGA module. Then, using the exact same shell, plug in a VGA module. Since I've already written the EGA studio, and stand alone VGA editors, this will be a snap. So, I will have the EGA one done by the show, then after the show, finish the VGA module. Then, hopefully I'll be on again to promote it.

By the way, since the VGA compiler is done, and recoding the VGA class system, it really will just be a matter of implementing the VGA resource modules.

I'm being ambitious, but I also have the motivation, so, wish me luck, and SCI Studio 3 will be solid as a rock!
AGI1122 Well, I would like to wish the very best of luck in doing this. :)
Pikachu14 * chears loudly *
gpm Brian, your persistence and perseverence in developing SCI Studio is an inspiration to programmers everywhere!

Good luck to you!
Peace out
Lightfoot Ah sweet, thanks a bunch Brian.
Paladinlover Sound great!

Anyway, I've been saving up, and soon enough (in about a week or so) I'll be ready to send you another donation of 40 Dollars Canadian to help you make SCI studio better.

Till next time stay cool 8)
Brian Provinciano. Thanks you guys! Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!

SCI Studio 3 is progressing incredible well! It runs so smoothly, and I probably won't bother adding a loading bar since the games load instantly! No, your computer isn't faster, it's SCI Studio 3!

I plan on having it finished about a week before the show to give it a decent amount of time for beta testing.
Kon-Tiki J