Dr.Jummybummy's Space Adventure

Eigen It's my latest AGI game. It' called Dr.Jummybummy's Space Adventure. It's very a short game. So download it from http://www.hot.ee/alpond and let me know your opinion. :D

Eero R Great game! I noticed 2 bugs:
* Word cristal should be crystal
* In the room with the hole you can walk on hole without falling in it
sonneveld Excellent graphics.. I reckon your skills are improving with each new game.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker >>>SPOILER ALERT<<<< I discovered a bug. After going to the cave and charging the charger on the crystal (still misspelled "cristal") and taking a piece of crystal, I returned to the clearing and found that the time machine was already charged without me using the charger yet, and it wouldn't let me use it in any way?!
Eigen Sure hope those are fixed now. Try it and let me know. There had been a compiling error I didn't notice.

Sami_Tervo Looks exotic :o
Andrew_Baker Sorry, Eigen, but the time machine is still charged up as soon as I re-enter the screen with the charger and crystal. I completely switched to Linux, and I'm probably not going to develop any more AGI games, so I don't have AGIStudio, toherwise I would crack it open and help you out. It looks really cool, and I like the premise (Especially the space on the floor that warps you "under the floor".. very cool). but, yeah, that bug. I'd check to see if you were reusing a flag. BTW, the specific instance appears to be when I type "charge charger" in the Crystal Cave. After that point, the time machine is "charged".
Eigen Strange, I don't have this bug. :-\ Does anyone else has it?

Oliver Great game Eigen. It's just like Half Life: Blue shift ;)
Andrew_Baker Well, when I use the charger on the crystal, is it supposed to charge the time machine?

Also, what command do you use to use the time machine. I tried "use machine", "use time machine", "turn on machine", "time travel", "go home", "back to the future", etc.

I'm using NAGI, compiled for Red Hat Linux 8.0, with no errors at compile-time.
Andrew_Baker wrote:

with no errors at compile-time.


- Nick
Eigen First use the crystak with the machine. After that use charged charger with the machine. But there's a remote control to turn it on hidden somewhere.

Andrew_Baker Ah, well, that explains why I can't use the machine. However, it doesn't mention anything about needing a remote or anything. I hope this is all constructive for you. I'm only reporting this stuff because I want to be able to finish the game properly :D.
Andrew_Baker Found the machine, but can't figure out how to use it. "charge" by itself= restore game!!
Eigen After using your charger you see a message:

The light shows 'ACTIVATED' but another light shows [color=Red]'REMOTE CONTROL OFF'[/color]."

Andrew_Baker Nope. I don't get that at all with the version of DRJB I have. I think the version I have is after a few rereleases. I'm going to dl whatever version is on your site RIGHT NOW and test it :D. Nick: I don't think it could be an interpretation problem, do you? The different platforms shouldn't cause the AGI "pseudo-VM-thingy" to interpret code differently?! (BTW I had gazillions of warnings at compile-time, of course, just no errors.).
Andrew_Baker Shame on me. Eigen, an extra copy of dr jumbum was hanging out and getting used instead of your current one. I only discovered it when I attempted to run my own game in nagi. My apologies for giving any undue stress, man.
Andrew_Baker Okay, stress again, I guess. I still can't get your game to work properly... grrr.
Kon-Tiki This game's fun. The puzzle's not too difficult and not too easy. It's juuuuust right. Graphics're good as well. Only thing I lack is music/SFX.