Like to Draw?

RandyD Coding for my game is going great. I'm hoping it will surpass some of Sierra's work in sheer size and number of arcade sequences integrated within the puzzles. The only thing is I don't have a lot of time for drawing the pictures.

I've seen some excellent talent displayed in some of the screenshots posted here. I'm offering the opportunity if anyone would like to get their name listed in the credits of my game and be first in line to beta test it when it gets that far.

If you are interested, I would only require a few screenshots from each person -- no long-term committment :) You could do more if you'd like, but don't worry about being locked into anything. Also, the screens I would need are very open-ended, allowing for your creative freedom within a basic guideline.

I can reveal some more details about the game to those who are interested in offering their artistic talent. Please respond if you are.

Kon-Tiki Well, there's someting called 'Mizar Productions', made by a couple of people of this board. Mizar Productions makes some of the resources you need. Only thing you have to do, is request it at their board (and give guidelines to what you want.)

Sami_Tervo Well why not. I wouldn't mind of making few pics, could be even relaxing. Sign me up!