Problem Running Game

Lux Hi!

I've just started learning how to use SCI studio 2.1...I'm following the tutorial word for word and I am running into problems when it comes time to run the game.

After saving ego and then trying to run the game I get this error message, "You've tried something we haven't thought of. Try doing that another way."

Same thing happens when i try to run a room or the title page. The tutorial suggests hitting "run" to see your game thus far, but I only ever get an error message. Again---I am following the tutorial exactly! Any advice?

Eigen Try using another SCI Studio ver. Here's one

Lux Thanks for the suggestion Eigen! It works fine now. I wonder why the newer version wasn't working for me.

Now if I can just learn this script craziness...
Thanks again!!
mr-t Brian made a simple mistake. Case closed.