agidev style update

sonneveld Hi again...

I've fiddled around with the style layout of the site. Please let me know what you think.

I've tested it with a few browsers (IE 5, Navigator 3, 4.8 and Mozilla) but it's not as good under Nav 3 or 4. It's still readable though.

- Nick
AGI1122 Wow that looks awsome man, nice job. :)
Sami_Tervo Nice and simple :) Good example for all of us.

When does NAGI with support for shake.screen(), palette and v27 = 3 appear?
sonneveld yeh, I'm quite happy about it. My original design was going to use big bars of blackness.. so I'm glad I didn't go down that route in the end.

Thankyou for the kinds words however :)

My next plan of action is to

- tidy up the articles so they fit within the stylesheets..
- add some sort of commenting system to the articles.
- agi wiki?
- work on compiler / nagi

- Nick
Eero R New layout is simple and attracting, so it's great!
Zonkie Hey, that looks awesome! Very clear and direct and most importantly: simple. I can't stand those navigation bars where it takes you minutes alone to find the links...

By the way: What is AGI wiki?
sonneveld A wiki is a sort of living document for any subject you can think of. Think of having a document on the internet that anybody can add to. Eventually somebody could take all these pieces and combine them properly into the document. Since the content is coming from many sources, it doesn't take as long to get a complete set of information.

- Nick