Caityln's Destiny Still In Progress!

Corby Hey everyone, just wanted to say that Caityln's Destiny is still in the making and coming along fast. It should be finished next month. Here are some screenshots to show the lastest development!
Corby Here's a cave!
Corby Inside the cave... wonder who lives here? [attachment deleted by admin]
Corby And some cliff area! [attachment deleted by admin]
Corby And finally, a bridge! [attachment deleted by admin]
sonneveld I think the pics are bloody good. They really do reflect Sierra's graphical style.

- Nick
Chris Corby is a fucking genious I tells ya! What is with Caitlyn's Destiny though? Any reference to Lat? Can't wait to play it. Y ou will be famous some day!![color=Pink][/color]
Corby Thanks Nick!

Chris: Who's Lat?
Eero R I think that this game should be very good, according to the graphics.
Kon-Tiki YAY! Most fan-games have good graphics for a newbie, but this ones're great, even for one of the old guys. I'm glad to see people having the ability to draw Sierra-style yet keep a style of its own in Picedit :) and don't just use Vector to convert photos or whatever they can find.
Keep us informed Corb, this one'll be great!

Corby One more for the road! [attachment deleted by admin]
Joey how many screens will the game be?

looks good so far!
Corby Thanks Joey, there will about 80-85 screens
Zonkie Whoa, that's amazing! That many screens in a game with graphics like that! Can't wait to play it (hopefully it'll be just in time for a loooong weekend ;) )!! Keep it up!
SlaYo I played your previous game and i really enjoyed it. When will this one be done?
Corby Well, I said it would take about till the end of this month, but the way things are looking I think it will take longer.
Here's a progress report:
Views: 100 %
Backgrounds: 50% (50 out of about 100 backgrounds)
Programming: 15 %
Sound: 0%
So I'm guessing it'll be done around the end of march unfortunently. I am working on it everyday though.
Here's a little teaser, it may be a little small however:
Corby Wow, that is tiny, oh well here's one more, but its the last preview I'm going to show... don't want to spoil the game! Feel free to delete these whenever moderators:
Corby Woo! I just got two stars! At last! ;D