Quick Help!

smartguy240 I really could care less about the legalities of this because i dont give a d***. I need to know the answers to the questions on KQ4 AGI because i am doing something special as a ...project... to help the AGI community...i know that the logic number for these questions are in Logic 143 but sierra is gay and uses too many variables that i dont know what they represent so...does anyone have a website that i can go to with all the answers?

smartguy240 is view 0 always the main ego?
jelleghys view 0? you mean object 0? yes I think so...

About KQ4... you need the solution to play the game or what? I got that buggy version of KQ4AGI, it won't open logic 134... >:(
CESS.tk What about 143?
AGI1122 SMG is being bad, he is trying to get past the copy protection for KQ4, which means he downloaded his copy of it(I have the manual/game which I purchased :P).

Well although I don't support abandonware... to get into the game do this, press alt-d then type in marble.

On a funnier note, type in pirate instead of marble for a funny little sequence. ;)
smartguy240 OK so the answer is Marble then? ok and ill do the alt+d ...i didnt even think of that! :D

AGI1122 No the answer is "pirate". ;)
smartguy240 NO...it isnt pirate...i read about Pirate in the Logics...that is funny