priority colours - HEEEELLPP!

Xul what are the differences between priority colours?
i've drawn a table with a bench, and when the ego approaches from certain angles, the bench obscures him.
this make seem like a really stupid question, but
a) this is my first game, and
b) i'm female ;)
AGI1122 Each priorty colors are used to determine what can appear on top and behind them. Each priority color has a different "priority" of where it will appear let's say your character you are controlling has a priority of yellow. Now he walks under priority of white, he would disapear because white is a higher priority than yellow is. But if you where to set it to a lower priority then yellow, the ego would appear in front of the object with the lower priority. These priorities are how the "3D" worlds are created in SCI.

I recommend checking out this tutorial right here:

It has 3 pages about priorities and drawing pictures in AGI, but should be usefull for SCI as well.

Anyway, I hope this helped you out.
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Sorry for that. Anyway, have a look around at the tutorials that Chris pointed out. I had the same problem and didn't really understand the priorties myself. I looked at that one myself and totally understood what I did wrong. It really does help reading up first before jumping in and making a game.

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Xul... I thought Xul was a man. - Ghostbusters :)

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