AGI multiplayer world now online

Martin Kool Hi all,

sorry for the long delay, here it finally is. If you've got

- Windows: IE5.0 or higher
- Mac or other non-windows: Mozilla 1.0 or higher

then go to

It took me 3/4 of a year to complete it this far, hope it can cope with too many users. Have fun exploring the Space Quest 1 and Police Quest 1 world together!

Take care,


PS. If you like it, tell me! After all this time I really look forward to hearing what you all thing of it. Mail me at home: . Thnx
smartguy240 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joey Great job martin! I will definetely be going here regularly. sorry i never finished anything though. :(
Perica Senjak Fantastic!

Is it possible to add SCI Backgrounds/Characters (From Kings Quest 5, 6 etc)?? I'll be happy to make some Backgrounds when the Development Kit Comes out!

Also: What did you use to make this - Java??

Keep up the Good Work,
Cya 8)
Martin Kool Thanks!

As for your questions: first off, if you read the site itself, all the information is there. But in short, OF COURSE the world allows for SCI gfx (rooms/characters) to be built. Even SCUMM (Lucasarts style). The client was written purely with javascript and DHTML.

Well, hope to see you all around there!

Perica Senjak Well, i didn't read the Instructions, i hardly read anything on the site - I just wen't straight into the Chat; But that's me: Never reading the Instructions ;D

That's great that SCI Characters/Backgrounds can be added - I Can't wait for it to happen ;D

Great Site!
Kon-Tiki Joepie! That's a great chat, although the lag's a bit too much here :-\ Anyway: GOOD JOB! :)

Eero R It's great! Lag is quite big, but that's the only bad thing in it. I'll certainly download the development pack when it's available.
Joey no lag here. i got cable. it runs just like an agi game.
Sidrious play I can't play it! :'(

If I want to play the game a errormessage
replies that I have to restart my PC and try
it later. But it won't work!

Please help!!!
Eero R What Windows and what browser you're using?
Sidrious play Windows 98

Eero R I mean IE, Netscape, Opera or whatever you are using. And version of course.
Sidrious play Oh! Ah! Sorry!

Internet Explorer 4 or 5 (I'm not really sure)
Eero R You can always look version from Help -> About.
Sidrious play Where? I can't find "Help".

EDIT: Found it! V 5
Eero R This is a menu. Of course if you have Internet Explorer in English.
Sidrious play Windows 98

Internet Explorer 5
Eero R Try to enable Java, Javascript and Visual Basic Script under Tools -> Options -> Advanced (or something like this, I do not have IE in English).
Then scripting and ActiveX under Tools -> Options -> Security.
Sidrious play How????

Where do I find Tools -> Options...
Eero R This is menu again. And look my "last edit" in my message.
Sidrious play But I can't find this menu!

I saw what version of Internet Explorer i've got,

-Internet Explorer
-Internet Explorer Icon (right click)
-then look version

I never found a menu.
Eero R The menus only appear when you're inside the program. ;)
Sidrious play What program, IE?

(Sorry! I am weak in things like that!)

But if I start the internet,
there's no menu.
Eero R Look at a picture to see what I mean. ;) [attachment deleted by admin]
Sidrious play Ah!!!!!! I am really sorry!!

You know, I got german Internet Explorer!
Sidrious play
Eero R Nope. Enable is same as activate.
Sidrious play So! Now I did all.

Now i try again.
Sidrious play Still doesn't work!! :'(
Eero R Have you any Service Packs installed? IE5 with any SP will disable Virtual Java machine, so you have to download it.
Sidrious play So, what do I have to download?

And from where?

Can you tell me that??
jrfritz That site is interesting....
Eero R Address is And be sure you read instructions. ;D
Sidrious play What file from there???
frAUghT very cool idea... one major issue though -- the characters don't display correctly under mozilla (well, under mine anyway which is Moz 1.1 under Linux)... you essentially get a picture of all the different positions the character can be in...

However, Keep up the good work.
Andrew_Baker Yar. I get the same problem.
sonneveld I'm using mozilla 1.3a and I get no such problem. However, it does need to load up the images.. give it a moment to load maybe?

- Nick
Eero R That one:
Windows (all languages, including English)
Sidrious play Can't open the downloaded program.
Eero R You're sure you downloaded the right one? What does it say when you run it?
Sidrious play Hmm...

Something like, it's inpossible to unpack the file...
Joel Downloading the Java Virtual Machine will not help you if the chat is written with JavaScript. Internet Explorer uses its own JavaScript engine (which has nothing to do with Java). You may need to go into your security settings and enable JavaScript (I think it's called "Active Scripting" in English versions of IE), but other than that I don't know what else you could do.
Joel why do so many message boards around the Internet feel the need to separate JavaScript into two words? The name is one word.
smartguy240 Is there a difference on the web between Java and Javascript?

Is that a pet peeve of yours?
Joel Practically the only similarity between Java and JavaScript is the word "Java". The two languages have almost nothing to do with each other, aside from the fact that each language's syntax is loosely based on C.

The confusion between Java and JavaScript is not a pet peeve of mine. It's just an example of stupid naming, because the name causes so much confusion. The separation of the single word Java-Script (without the freakin' hyphen) into two words, Java Script, is just strange looking to me because it's never written that way except on message boards that force the separation between the two.
Eero R But somehow it helped me to get into chat (but in Windows XP and IE6).
Perica Senjak The "Good Old Adventures" Web-Site has been Updated, it has some nifty new features, and a few extra rooms ;D -- Check it out!! YaY! I made those rooms!
rwfromxenon It would be cool, if in the SQ1 airlock, for example, if you fall in the hole, you end up in a different game.
That would, like, totally rule.
Huhhuhuhhuh... yeah... huhhhuhhuhhhuh
Joey how come no one ever goes in there anymore? once in a while i see 2 people in there. thats it. it is usually empty.

Check it out, it got slashdotted!!
smartguy240 still hant implemented my new characters though...they should come in the next 2 days though ;)
Sidrious play GOOD NEWS!!! (for me ;D )
It works!
I've got it works...

P.S.: Eero, thank you anyway for your help!

(My English's still bad :-