sonneveld Hi,

I've made a fairly major update to my site. Most of it is all run off php and mysql so it'll make it much easier to maintain when I'm not at home.

I'm pretty sure there's still bugs.. so let me know if you encounter anything.

What's updated:
- news. current news and archives section
- games. more and updated games, split into pages
- downloads. updated everything
- links. updated agi links.
- articles. replaces tutorials. moved nagi docs there. articles now split into pages.
- misc bits 'n pieces

- Nick
sonneveld also, now i host all tutorials for sites that don't exist anymore. none of this zipped cache business. You can now view it page by page on my site.

- Nick
AGI1122 About my tutorial at:

Can you change this:
This is a tutorial for AGI Programming if you have any questions e-mail me at

To this:
This is a tutorial for AGI Programming if you have any questions post them at

I don't have that email address any longer, and I stopped giveing out my new one(and have received far less spam :)).
AGI1122 Also, thought I would mention, very nice job on the php/mysql. Looks like you did a good job with it. :)
sonneveld Thank you. tutorial is fixed too :)

- Nick
Kon-Tiki Good job, Nick! A fine update, but there're some minor flaws in it. V has a new version out. Your site says last update on that was somewhere in May. Another flaw is that the second page of the 'How to draw a pic etc'-tutorial doesn't load. The last one I've found (up 'till now ;D )is that Rono created AGISE, not Ronnie.

Eero R Great update! :D And all the flaws that I found were already said by Kon-Tiki.
sonneveld Hey,

Thanks for giving these suggestions.

ronnie/rono - I opened AGISE and looked in the help. it spells the name "Ronnie Harpaz".
V - it's demo 2 straight from the site. I got the "last modified" date from the files inside the zip file. it might not have been updated for a while before release.
pic page 2 - think I missed a </centre> tag. will upload new version. it works on my browser though!

- Nick
sonneveld fixed article display. didn't catch it cause mozilla worked around it. :) tested with netscape 3 and things look ok. (contents a bit off though)

- Nick
smartguy240 Hey my old page is there!

The one where you can find latest releases of PQAGI can be found here...
SGreenslade I know this is a little late, since I was the one most looking forward to this, but...