AGI game archive

AGI1122 Alright I have started rebuilding the AGI game archive, I would like to know though, what features do you think the old one was missing, and give me suggestions on new features you would like to see.

Also I would like to note that this version of the game uploader will be built into the message board/site instead of being a seperate site in another directory.

Right now the new game archive can be found at

As you can see I am going to be building both the AGI and SCI game uploader into 1 thing.
AGI1122 Alright what do you guys think of the new view games look:;option=browse_agi

Or did you like the old way of browing the games better?
Perica Senjak Hi,

In my Opinion the New Look (The one you just put up) Looks better - But i don't like the Whole Grey theme, It doesn't look that bad: But i think it would look better in another Colour!

I also think you should Remove or Fix up the Welcome Page (The First page you See as soon as you go to the Site); It kind of puts off Visitors - I think you should take it off, or fix it up!

Overall - It's a Cool Site, with the CBB thing and all - It's Cool ;D How come it went down? Did the Server Crash or Something?

AGI1122 The colors are controlled by CSS, those are the default colors that come with CBB, I just havn't gotten around to changing them for the site. What kind of color scheme do you think would look better? What ever I change it to, will change the colors of the whole site, not just the game archive though.

Could you be more specific on what is wrong with the welcome page?

Glad you like CBB, it is the message board I have been making since August. You can find out more about it at

The server I am hosted on crashed in December, I lost everything in the crash. Even though my host makes nightly backups, the backups where lost in the crash as well. I am having to rebuild almost everything on my site from scratch due to the crash.
Perica Senjak Hi,

I think you should edit your welcome page - Make it Look better, Nothing is wrong with it, it's just that it looks a bit shabby, if you can't think of a good appearance/design, then just remove the welcome page - and make CBB the Start Page!

As for the Colour Scheme, i don't know what you could put (I can't even think of an appearance for you own Site!);

AGI1122 Well first off that isn't my welcome page you are refering to, it is the index page. My index page is and my welcome page is

Should I make it so looks like the page instead?

As for colors, I don't know what to use... so they will just stay the same for now.
Perica Senjak Hi,

Yes, i think you should make your "index" page look like your "welcome" page ;D

As for the Colours, They aren't that bad - I just thought that changing them would make it look better. But Since you can't think of a Colour Scheme..... You might aswell leave it as it is.

AGI1122 Sorry but that is illegal, I could get my site shut down by putting up their games. It isn't just Sierra you have to watch out for, some hosts don't allow abandonware on their hosted sites. Besides, I think you people should buy it on ebay, not download it.

The answer is and will always be no to abandonware on

Also 15 years has nothing to do with anything, as long as they are still copyrighted those games are illegal to download. And if I am not correct I think copyrights last for about 75 years or something like that?(please correct me if I am wrong).
Eero R Your site looks great but you should change the color scheme to something lighter. It's hard to read text when the background is so dark.
Abandonware is illegal 75 years after Sierra is stopped existing as company, so you can't distribute them even in 2060, unless you have a permission on paper.
AGI1122 Alright it is now, complete, you can all upload your fanmade games to the archive. Head there now:

And upload all of your fan games.
sonneveld as soon as I can connect (bloody internet) I will check it out.

- Nick
Joey sweet. I uploaded solar system tour. just waiting for you to approve. also, i will put some of my other games on there later on.
AGI1122 Alright they have been approved. And can now be downloaded.
CosmicR How about giving people the option to upload a screenshot too?
AGI1122 That is already planned, I just have to finish a way to display the pic without bugging people... most likely a popup link that makes a window pop up with the picture in it...