Problem with AGI

Oliver Well the problem is that I haven't made anything in AGI a lot of time so I'm starting to forget it.
Lately I only play Street Leag or something like that. Also very often I go in Habbohotel. Besides that I'm making a game with Joey and Kon-tiki but there I only make views. As you can see there is only one thing what is close to AGI but still no programming.
What should I do? Should I start a new game in AGI or what (I haven't much time for that but...)? ???

Ps! I'm making a game in SCI too (very slow because I don't know a damn thing about Sci so I have to look at the turtorial and when I look it then I still can't understand a thing) :P
Eero R Why don't you make logics then? Or you can study C-language, C and AGI are very similar. ;)
Kon-Tiki If you want to retake on the AGI-logics, try looking at some easier code, like the template game's or Tryout's (Tryout is available at my site)
If you want to do logics, Joey said he can use help. If you're stuck or have a problem, don't hesitate to say it. I'll give it a try then ;)

Joey yah oliver, i could use some help with the logic.

also, before i hadnt worked on dq2 in months, and i still remembered the language. it just took about 30 minutes to refresh my memory.
Oliver Maybe I should make a short game like Escape from The Salesman was.
As you sayd Joey that it will take about 30 minutes to refresh your memory then I think that that's going to work with me too (I hope). :P