SQ6 WIN32 error

rwfromxenon Whenever I try to install the WIN32 version of SQ6, the installation crashes. Any thoughts?
Mastercard I think the SQ:s are cursed. Many times my installations crashed also..you have to adjust something from your computer or just try again and again...
sonneveld Try the technical support section of the Subspace Channel. They're a bunch of spacequest fans and they know ALL the tricks to getting the old space quest games going. Space Quest 4 (CD) and Space Quest 6 have a few annoying timing bugs.


- Nick
mr-t Don't run the "test" it wants you to.
rwfromxenon T, Unfortunately there is no way of getting around the Test.
mr-t I'm sure there is. I always get an error during the test because: My CD drive is too fast, or my CPU is too fast.
Pidgeot The way to do it is by making the .ini file by yourself. At what point does the installation crash? What error does it give you?