Al Pond: Island Quest 2 demo ready!

Eigen Get my new demo. It's a sequel to Al Pond 2 and it's called Al Pond: Island Quest 2. Download it from :D

Eigen Guess nobody really likes the game :'(
And one question: Is it worth finishing? :-\

juncmodule What's up Eigen. I would really hate to see that series abandoned. It is among the first games made with SCI. Kind of a legend in my eyes.

I haven't played any updated versions or the sequel of it, although I will be downloading and playing it shortly. Sorry I never posted anything in this thread or kept up on it, as you may remember I liked the first demo version a great deal.

I haven't been around much because of my Keptosh game. Kind of sucked the life out of me for a while. However that is done so now I have time to play again.

So, yes, I will play it if you finish it. However, if you don't I would understand. So much work, and the only reward is your own satisfaction at times....

Thanks for the great games Eigen.