I need these graphics please help if you have them:

Piotyr Since no one has replied to my post about the QFG4 decoder i geuss i am right to assume that there isn't one. I cannot find one despite hours of searching. So before i go through the tedious process of screen-capturing every possible angle of the game to get the sprites and backgrounds i want i thought i would put this up here first while i continue work on my code. If anyone has already done the screen capturing of the following sprites would you please send them to me at puckerdave@aol.com or post a site where i could download them:

The hero from QFG4
The brigand from QFG1vga
The wraith from QFG4
The zombie from QFG4
The lizard man from QFG3

(i will actually also be happy to accept any others, because i am working on an archive of images which i would like to put up on my web site)