remembering ego's x, y position

Robin_Gravel How to make ego's either x or y position when it changes rooms from left or from right or from up or from down?

Robin Gravel
(switch (gPreviousRoomNumber)
(case 1
(send gEgo:
posn(110 100)

It's in the SCI tutorials.
Robin_Gravel No. It's not that.

I'm looking to make to remember the ego's x or y when he goes to the right/left/up/down screen and goes to the next room.

Using posn(110 100) tells the ego to position to x=110 and y=100 when he's entering to the room.

I want to tell the program to remember the x/y position
like Sierra did.

Ex: the ego goes to the right screen at y=60. I want
at the next room, the ego is positioned to 10,ego(y).

Ho I can do that?

Robin Gravel

Lightfoot You can probably modify the Ego class to remember old position. Or make the xy global variables, I don't know how else to pass it from each room to the next.
Robin_Gravel I DID IT!

Thanks for the clue Lightfoot. My game looks professional now.

Robin Gravel

Lightfoot Not a problem 8)

I've been stuck on one thing for the last week, and it is holding me back from doing anything else. So I have plenty of time to assist, untill I get it working.

Then I get back into it and I won't return untill another major problem or it's finished.

Either way I hope it's a long time before I have to spend this amount of time cracking one error.