The Shire

rwfromxenon Ok I know this is against what I said in Mizar Resource vault but I need help with this.
Where can I find the music from the Shire (flute music) from the Lord of the Rings first movie in MIDI format?
Zonkie I don't know if you will find it easily as a midi file, but either try searching for the musical notation and then extract the melody from it and export it to midi, or, if there is no other way, try to convert the mp3 file to a midi. This often gives poor quality, but it might work in some cases, and often the file can be "cleaned" of unnecessary notes afterwards.
Kon-Tiki As long as I'm a part of Mizar, you won't have to doubt it that quick 8) Here're some songs that are usefull, but dunno if they're the exact ones you're looking for.


More to follow...

Kon-Tiki Here're a lot that can be used.

More to follow

Kon-Tiki Another one