Emperor's Hammer

sonneveld Anybody seen these sites before?

Science Office:
Creating Games in AGI:

- Nick
CESS.tk I like that site! It's pretty ;D
rwfromxenon WHOA! That Emporer's hammer game has some niiiiiiiiice graphics ;D ;D ;D
CESS.tk True, I wish there was more info about the game though (or did I just miss that part?)
Kon-Tiki Wow, that last pic's awsome. The first one's just badly converted and the poster of the second one's a complete failure (although the rest of that pic's ok). Dunno how it comes that we haven't heard of this before ???

Zonkie That third picture must have taken a looooong time to look so awesome :o. I don't think they know of this messageboard, because they also posted that people interested in joining the project should contact them... It seems as if they are making many games, and this is their first in AGI. Maybe someone could send them an e-mail to tell them about this board?
RandyD The 1st & 3rd screenshots to that game look like they are basically screenshots from TIE Fighter converted to the AGI color palette.

For those that have not played TIE Fighter, those screenshots can be seen here: